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Monday, July 28, 2008

Nashville Star: The Rankings!

The Rankings For The Top 4 Of Nashville Star . . .

I am going to leave out Coffey from these rankings since he was eliminated this evening . . .

Round One

1. Shaun Mayer - Gretchen Wilson song . . . don't know the name of the song . . . WOW! She was wonderfully in control of her voice and the stage.

2. Melissa Lawson - She sang a little "Hit me with your best shot" . . . It was quite good in the way that she always is . . . just not her best . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I was unsure from the beginning what this song was . . . he was wonderful as per usual . . . I was just a little underwhelmed by the song, and its lack of intensity . . .

Round Two

1. Melissa Lawson - Singing a little Carrie Underwood, I've got to tell ya, she was spot on. I was a little worried with doing such a recognizable song, but man, she just nailed it . . .

2. Shaun Mayer - Slowing it down a bit, this girl just did a phenomenal job . . . She has really improved in the past few weeks . . .

3. Gabe Garcia - I love him . . . very much . . . and his vocals are very much on spot . . .but, he just didn't have the umph for my taste.

Overall rankings . . .

1. Melissa Lawson - Her second song was just a bit better than Shaun's first

2. Shaun Mayer - A close second here . . . They could very potentially be tied for first.

3. Gabe Garcia - He is so good, but I think both of his performances were out done by the girls.

From these rankings, it would seem obvious that I think the two girls will be the final two . . . I have no idea how Nashville Star will eliminate the third . . .they may wait until the end, or they may do it in the middle of the show . . . either way, I think that Gabe and Melissa will be the final two and that Melissa Lawson will be out winner.

Nobody is leaving comments, so, come on, y'all! Give me your opinions!

1 comment:

L&K said...

Sorry for the delay on the comments! We have been dealing with a family health crisis - that we thought was somewhat under control - but apparently is not! :(

Thought we should at least take a minute or two for something fun and entertaining though...I thought the show last night was really good!

We missed the previous week -but overall we agree with you in the assessment. Coffey seem like a nice guy - but it was time for him to move on. I was kinda shoeked how many folks were at Gabe's concert! That was fantastic! :)

I am not sure exactly who needs to win - but I am rooting for Gabe and Melissa. I would be happy for any of them - they all seem to genuinely want it and need it.

Great reviews as always J! :)