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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

American Idol 2 Contestant Carmen Rasmusen Dishes About The Idol Auditions

American Idol 2 Contestant, Carmen Rasmusen (Finished 6th), has written an article for the Desert Star newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah. The article discusses her time on American Idol, the audition process, and some of the background information that we, the public, are not privy to hearing. Pretty good article by Ms. Rasmusen . . . I know that, at one time, she had an EP available on Amazon . . . and apparently she has a new CD dropping on August 1st . . . MY BIRTHDAY :), er, um, anyhow, Carmen was never one of my favorites, but I'm glad to see her name still in the news.

By The Way, do y'all remember during the Top 24 of American Idol 2 when the judges still had a "judges choice" contestant to put through to the Top 12. . . I remember that Simon Cowell surprised everyone by choosing Carmen Rasmusen as his contestant to put through into the Top 12. His choice was viewed very skeptically, but she ended up going quite far into the Top 12. Sorry, I had to reminisce for just a moment . . .

Click the link to read the story.

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