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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Finalists: Shaun Mayer Is Up First

Its Elimination Time, Y'all! So, the BRC is announcing who will be the first to move into the Finale . . .

Shaun Mayer is the first to advance!

I've got to give it to this girl . . . each week she has gotten better, and now she seems so very comfortable and totally in control of her performances . . .

Shaun Mayer is singing a Garth Brooks tune tonight . . . she did a great job. Very, very good performance, and very very good vocals. She sounded country, and has found herself. I'm impressed.

John Rich - Thinks that she has gotten better and better and is light years ahead of where she was ten weeks ago.

Jewel - Thinks that she has improved each week and will be a real asset to any record label that picks her up.

Jeff Steele - Thinks that she is limping tonight, but really pulled it out and is a contender.

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