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Monday, July 28, 2008

Coffey Is A Star . . . Maybe Not A Nashville Star

Third to perform tonight is Coffey . . . so plays into my theory . . . he's third and Melissa Lawson is last. That will put her as the last performance of the night and the last thing any potential voters will hear.

To Coffey . . . he went home to LA and got a star on the Walk of Fame. Here he comes to perform . . . gonna sing Sweet Home Alabama . . . His voice should be a decent match for this song. Y'all know I don't love Coffey . . . but, he has gotten better in vocals and performance in the past few weeks. As has happened the past few weeks, his vocals are better (a few very iffy moments) and his performance was quite nice. I still feel like he is a couple of steps behind the others.

Jeff Steele - thinks that he is quite nice with these types of songs . . . thinks he is a star, but not sure if he is a Nashville Star.

John Rich - dittos Jeff Steele

Jewel - thinks he did a nice job.

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