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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AI 9: Simon, The Dawg, Car, and V Rock Boston

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we're back.

So, as you may or may not remember from last year, I sorta, kinda, loathe the bad auditions, so, we will be ignoring them . . . they didn't happen . . . nope, just didn't happen.

I watched last night's episode at my friend, Adam's house . . . Shout out to Adam!

As we started the program, we had to do review the Paula debacle followed by the coming of Ellen D . . . about which I am still VERY unsure. . . . I'm sure we'll discuss this issue more in the coming months.

So, this week we are in Boston and our judges are joined by Posh Spice . . . or as Randy called her, V. Somehow, she became V and Kara became Car . . . unclear . . . anyhoo. . .

First person of note was Mattie/Maddy Curtis - She did a very lovely and soulful rendition of Hallelujah. I could see her with a shot for the top 24/32

Next on my list is Jennifer Hirsh who sang something possibly from the musical Wicked . . . I am a bad gay, and therefore, am not very familiar with showtunes . . . Either way, she was good, but did not set off my Top 12 radar.

Claire Fuller as well did not set off my Top 12 or Top 24/32 radar . . . I didn't even take note of what she sang...

Jess Wolfe - LOVELY VOICE . . . I, again, did not take note of what she sang, but I have a rather large asterisk next to her name, which, I'm sure, means something vitally important.

Amadeo DeRocco - HUGE, GI-NORMOUS VOICE THAT WILL NEVER TRANSLATE WELL ON STAGE, but, he seemed nice, and will be entertaining in Hollywood.

Luke Shaffer/Benjamin Knight - Loved both of these boys . . . yes, there cuteness was a factor, but they could both sing as well . . . and the combination warmed the cockles of my soul. :) When they were playing guitar and harmonizing in the waiting area it kind of reminded me of Blake Lewis/Chris Richardson, and co from the Hollywood rounds a few years back.

CREEPY EYED ANDREW - I know, I know, he didn't make it through, but I actually thought he had quite a nice voice underneath ALL OF THAT REALLY SCARY AGGRESSION!

Ashley Rodriguez - Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! What's that I hear . . . oh yes, my Top 12 radar EXPLODING!

Tyler Grady - I. LOVE. HIM! To repeat, I. LOVE. HIM. I loved everything about him from his voice, to his look, to his attitude. I. LOVE. HIM.

Mike, aka speedboat dude, I kind of loved him. He was just kind of adorable, and could sneak through with some luck

Katie Stevens - What was that again? Oh yeah, my Top 12 radar going off . . . kinda sounds like Beyonce sayin "Ring the Alarm" . . . She was simply amazing.

Joshua Blaylock - Now, I don't think that he has a voice that will ever go over well on a large stage, but I did find his voice very, very pleasant, and I thought he was A-FREAKIN-DORABLE. That being said, I would be very surprised if we saw my namesake in the Top 24/36.

Terribly Offensive Nickname coming . . . Hot Cancer Boy [credit to Adam]. . . I honestly didn't get his name . . . I was so taken with his story and, quite frankly, his eyes, that I completely missed it. Oh wait, I found it down here . . . it's Justin! And wow, did Justin kill or what . . . he was so very good. I like the crooner sound and he has quite a strong, er, um instrument.

Bosa - Good Grief . . . Really . . . Seriously . . . I get that it's a good story and stuff, but, I agreed with Simon, I was bored. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

Leah - Blue Skies . . . Wow . . . and Wow . . . and Wow . . . another potential Top 12 alarm sounding . . .

And that brings us to the end of Boston . . . Tomorrow we will be heading to Atlanta to watch Simon, Randy, Car, and V and the continuing saga of American Idol 9

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

J.....J.....J.... (With a condescending tsk tsk).....

Jennifer doing a showtune that you THINK is something from Wicked?

Are you serious? definitely have forfeited your "Friend of Dorthy" card.

She was singing "Ding Dong the Witch is dead"...from "The Wizard of OZ"....

Man...I cannot hide my disappointment in you.......

However, you redeemed yourself in my mind with "Hot Cancer Boy". I blew Coke (cola) all over my computer screen when I read that!
Definitely not PC...but so true.