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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Believe in yourself girl...believe in yourself

Sitting on the Couch, got my snuggie on, watching Idol...does it get any better than this?

Mary J Blige!:Wh---Hoooo!

Duane...seriously mentally ill here. I don't like when Idol exploits the obviously mentally ill.

I've never been to Atlanta, but it looks beautiful through the windows behind the judges.

Keia Johnson - (Great last name) = decent voice but I'm not sure that she has the depth to go far. She seemed o be screaming in ways, more than singing. Won best personality in a beauty contest. Seems appropriate here.

Miriam - Good
Noel - good to...but I don't see to 12 here
Same for the next woman.

Jermaine - This guy is really cute. Cares for his sick mom. Church boy. I love this guy....I see top 12 with this one.

Christy Marie - "411 the show" Wow...the drama. Is she trying to be Tatiana?
Simon saysmore 911 than 411.
Vanessa - the bridge jumper from Tennessee - Stuck in Venore...can't get out. Wow...I'm feeling bad for this girl. She needs this chance. Thankfully she doesn't let me down. I don't see top 12 here. But at least she gets to go to Hollywood.
Believe in yourself girl....Believe in yourself.

Guitar Girl - "You ain't woman enough to take my man"...singing voice very different from talking voice. She can actually sing, but outfit detracts...bad choice.
Mary J doesn't get it. She makes it through..but no top 12 here.

Mallory Haley - Another decent one, but no top 12.

Skiboski - I like this guy. Kinda strange...but I like him. Simon hated him, A resounding no. But he gets through.

The BFF's - they both needed better outfits. Carmen Turner - parts were were horrendous...but she gets through. Her BFF doesn't.

Brian the cop - This guy really really really bugs me in a Josh Gracin kinda way...but he can sing.

Then there was Lamar. They guy can sing, but I agree with the Judges, he is not ready, he needs to do the work.

General Larry Platt - Pants n the ground. Lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground. Gold in your mouth with your hat turned sideways...

Chi town up next. One of my favorite cities in the world!!!

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