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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you wish upon a star.....

Orlando Auditions - the land of the magic kingdom...

First up - Theo Clinton - I expected him to be much more of a joke based on his "act"...but he could actually sing. The judges were harsh on him...they've put through many who were much worse...

Did Simon really say...."You sang like you sat on a cat".....cruel.....

Seth Rollins - Man with autistic son. Nice smooth voice. He'll need to work hard if he is going to get past I liked him. "Daddy's going to Hollywood!"

Jermaine - Cute personality. Beautiful voice. This guy has a good shot of making it into he top 12.

Shelby - Girl that "Couldn't smile" - She has some good qualities to her voice, but I'm not sure she's got enough to get past Hollywood.

Beatbox boy - singing was better than his beatboxing. Randy sends him through. He's not going past Hollywood.

Janell Wheeler
Brittany Starr
Kasi Bradford
All decent...but none were great...

Conellus split his pants - Gets sent through to Holywood. This one shouldn't have gone through.

What's with all these people with salons in their homes???
The two sisters --- Blue Sister - Bernadette - Weak. Not enough there. Yellow - a little better..but equally as weak. Simon says just the opposite...they both go through. They won't make it past Hollywood.

Jarrold...yeah...the guy couldn't sing, but the whole handcuffing was ridiculous. There have been many more crazy fanatics than him that weren't subjected to that....or were they off camera?

Matt Lawrence -Robbed a bank with a BB Gun at 15. They are going to put him through...but there isn't much here. He's a goner in Hollywood.
Simon says "You can really really sing". REALLY? I don't see it. Kara agrees. REALLY?...Randy too? Are they in Fantasyland? of the best...REALLY?....Wow...

Next week...Idol in my hometown!!!

On that note.....Rubbertoe....out!

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