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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm going to Hollywood.....wait....I Live there

One thing can be said for most of the contestants that auditioned last or lose.....they are "Going to Hollywood".

I wasn't able to live blog last I am just going to list a couple of thoughts here.

I liked the Gangbanger'sson. I thought he was good. Probably not strong enough to go real far in the competition.

I didn't like the Pat Benetar woman they put through. She wasn't very good and she was too much of a bad copycat. I was surprised they put her through.

Finally...I really really like the last guy. The guy who grew up in foster homes. He needs a makeover, but I can see him going a ways in the competition. I was really surprised that Simon didn't like him very much and the guest judge woman (I don't remember her name...the kissed a chapstick woman).....But Randy and Kara got it right.

Is American Idol on tonight? Not sure. I'm think not...because of the State of the Union address....did they postpone til Thursday? I'm gonna have to check!


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