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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Ms. Kelly Clarkson left Texas - she locked the door on the way out!

It was a bit underwhelming, but then who can top our Kelly!- and J was so right in an earlier post -that there seems to be a lack of actual auditions in these 'audition' shows.

Here's our recap on the show in the Big D:

Kara looks cute tonight - love the red and black - it seems like the stylist is trying a bit harder with her this year :)

NPH - great! yay!!

Sparkly girl - isn't any better after all of these years...But
Ryan has perfected the fake-sincere exit encouragement!

Lloyd - 2 kids, sweet voice, positivity vibe and - he got his delicious Hollywood victory!

Kimberly Carver - original song, bluesy! Love NPH takin' over the vote!

Dexter has a Mt Fuji hair-do.

Erika - Dominatrix Barney - she can really sing, but it is always weird to see former kid program actors do more adult things. The whip was cracking us up!

Dave P- Wonderful rendition of the Sam Cooke song - great tones! Hope he goes far :)

Todrick seems like a great guy! Fun original song and voice. But potential rumours on the internet that he might be a sad, hope that it isn't true!

Stephanie -Austin girl -way to go!

Uhh just quick comment about the tragic background info, could we have a consensus that divorce doesn't count as a tragedy since it affects over 50% of the families in America? IF you can't bring major illness, mass murder or at least ADHD - then please don't play the tragedy card.

Meagan Wright - very pretty voice! Kara talks ONCE again about opening your mouth as a ticket to success in Hollywood....hhmmmmm
Joe Jonas = yeah x 1million...where did NPH go, can we bring him back pronto?!

Vanessa - there's an example of someone trying too hard. Super positive casino-carpet costumed girl sings " Etttt last" or rather, fires it out of the bazooka of her mouth at the judges!

Christian - Leukemia - hell yeah - that counts! LIfe threatening illness bitch slaps divorce, and makes Tourette's seem like a hiccup. Very sweet positive mom/daughter relationship and story - and of course - she has a beautiful voice!!!
Randy says: OMG 16 :)

L&K would like to give Joe Jonas the Avril Lavigne Most Useless Guest Judge Award!

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J said...

Agreed about Lavigne and Jonas . . . a waste of time and space . . . at least Avril wore the devil hood . . . I think JJ would have been more interesting with the devil hood. :)