<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The journey begins

America's favorite show is BACK! THIS is American Idol!

First up - Janet. Worse than her "pocket full of sunshine" was her pink mid-riff shirt.
Maddy - Brother with Down's syndrome. Hallelujuia - Jason Castro did this song and knocked it out in Season 7. She's no Jason Castro. It was just aiiiight for me.
She's got a little David Archuletta going on with her peronality.
Pat Ford - Well.....What's him name (season 6) said "Nasally is a form of singing".
Jennifer - A female crooner doing the witch is dead. ad two other girls make it through.
Amadao - The Italian family man. Likeable guy..voice not all that though.
Derek - Wow...I wasn't expecting that sound. that was weird.
Mary Doyle - Kimono Girl does Joplin....poorly.
Luke -nice voice.
Benjamin Bright - Ok voice..but nothing spectacular....both make it through.
Andrew Fenlon - Attitude boy. His voice isn't bad, with a little work. It has some nice qualities...but Kara can't stand the attitude.
Ashley Rodriguez - Pretty Girl. Pretty Voice. Some people have "It"....does she?
We'll find out in Hollywood!
Tyler Grady - fell out of a tree and broke his arms. Very Nice Voice. Not sure if he has more in his arsenal...but "Let's get it o" was very very nice.
Mike Davis - "Actor on a speedboat". He'll make it though. He's not going to make it far past Hollywood though.
Katie Stevens - with the Portugese Grandmothr with Alzheimers - Good voice....only 16 years old.
Joshua Blaylock - 28 years old with his last chance. Simon says no power. Completely forgetable. Not assertive...too nice a guy. They pimp him to show some attitude... They send him through but I'm not sure that he has what it takes. (Scott says, he reminds him of me. Me?)

Justin Williams - "Serving a mission in Spain" (I'm assuming Mormon mission)...Got cancer free. Beautiful voice. Nice range....this guy could be really good.
Norberto - wants to inspire people like Michael Jackson - a definite no...but such a nice guy.
Bosa - parents from Nigeria. Love Ryans joke about the mom's hat blocking the view in Hollywood. I like him...but not that great. Simon says no...Randy sends him through. He says he's ready to work.
Leah Lorenzi -Grew up in super strict family...couldn't listen to "secular music".
What? Sounds like child abuse. Great voice. Very nice control on the runs...nice jazzy quality. She is one to watch.

Loved Victoria as a guest judge.

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