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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mile high dreams - reach for the stars!

Dreans a mile high

First up - Mark Labriola. Good job. Boy abducted by mother and lived in Maui....first up...first through!
28 with a his dream over?
Kimberly Kerbow - This girl is horrible. If they put her through...its a joke.
They send her through...what we they thinking? She won't survive a day in Hollywood.
Danielle - Cute girl. Nice pipes on this girl...but she is trying too hard to copycat. Definitely better than Kerbow. Simon says she is "broken" and may have come in just in time. Great Hollywood story. I love this girl.
Casey jamers - Cute guy. Bucky Convington? The women say yes...Randy joins thm and lets him through.
Tori - with the picture drawing litle girl. Simon called her voice annoying. I agree with Simon. They sendher through.
Haley Vaughn - Fighted for her life as an infant. Wants to be first, black pop/country singer. This girl has a voice. I would love to see her make it big n the Country world.

Bikin Boy....Serious?

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