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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The first 7of the top 24

The Top 24

The three rooms: From 71 to 24, they are split into the 3 rooms. (I love the tension in this episode and Ryan is doing a great job building the intensity in the intro).

Casey is in room 1 - Room 1 is safe for sure.
Room 2 - I think is safe as well
Room 3 looks the weakest of the 3 based on who is in the room. However, the woman "Angela" -they are showcasing is really good. Is this just to fool us...?
I half expect them to pull a switcheroo and pull her out of the room and move her to room 2 at some point tonight. Just to try to fool us.

Casey and Jermaine. They are both really good!
Casey in room 1, Jermaine in 2. I think they are both going through.
This Siobhan isgood too...
Crystal Bowersox - I remember that I liked her. She' got a great voice and is different than anyone who has been here before.
Alex Lambert - Not that great...but then group night. He made it through. His last performance - much better than the first performance, but I don't think good enough, although he is cte.
Michael Lynche. He's good, but not good enough either.
Todrick Hall - he's one of my favorites. Not only is he incredibly cute, he has an incredible voice.
Thaddeus JOhnson - and his Mother. Wow...his voice is much better than I would have expected. He's in room 1.
Room 2
Charity Vance - Pretty girl, but not enough there to go very far.
Tasha Layton - Beautiful girl and really unique nice interesting voice.
Mary Powers - This girl is OK, but arrogant beyond his talent.
Dockworker Llody Thomas - 75% there, but I don't think he's got it.
Bryan Walker - Police officer - He looks like a cupie doll.
Hope Johnson - I don't see much there. She lacks the confidence to go far and zero stage presence.
Shelby - girl with the facial paralysis -stresing out of the words -Shes got a much better look already than she had at the audition.
Aaron Kelly - forgot the words. Adopted by his aunt when he was young. Good voice and good looking but weak...
Ashley Rodriquez- She's ok, but nt great.
Le Dewyze - I like this guy gruff voce.
Joe Munoz...Jaeley Vaughn...all room 3. After the room to room review, room 3 is definitely the weakest.
Room - Tori Kelly
Andrew Garica
Ryan is realy downplaying room 3 which leads me to believe that it is a psych out.
Room 1 is surpises. This room has my frizzy haired guy...but they aren't giving him any airplay....
Room 2 - Simon is delivering the news. Room 2 isn't going through. I saw this coming, it was too much of a Ryan psych-out. Its too predictable.

Its heartwarming to see the two rooms celebrating made me teary eyed.

Up next: The final judgement. Who are the names that we are going to remember?
(During the break, I'm thinking, I'm glad they did away with that super tacky "Judges Mansion" from last season.

First p - Michae Lynch - Big Mike (I predict he is through - he makes it through.
His little dance was stupid though.....
Next up - Didi - She's gotta make it through, she is way too strong. The psych out worked on me here...I thought they were going to cut her. I so happy she made it.
Katelyn - Ellen--doing a funny delay bit ...she makes it through.
Shelby - I like her, but I don't see her as one of the stronger ones. - She didn't make it through.
Casey James - He is going question.
Aaron Kelly - I don't think he's going to make it...I'm wrong...he is through.
Lee Dewyze - a little arrogant more than he should be...but he was good. He made it through.
Todrick - I love this guy. He was with Fantasia in The Color Purple. This guy is really hot and has a great voice on top it.....he is a dancer more than a singer. If he doesn't make it...I'll be shocked. Its a simple YES.
Jessica Furney - She didn't make it...and her begging was just not flattering.

They only show us the first seven through...I guess the rest tomorrow......
What an awesome Hollywood Week!!!

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