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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We're going to Hollywood

Hollywood week is always one of my most favorite weeks!!!

Ellen looks Fabulous!!!
Skibowski and Katie Stevens (Alzheimer girl).
She has a nice smoky low voice. She should make it through. She's different that most that we've seen before.
Skibo - Not good enough. He has some good qualities to his voice but they aren't quite there. Ellen is frightened and refers to hi as a jaguar stocking his prey...
Katies in skibo is out....
Next up:
Vanessa..and Andrew (straight up...) I can't say that I love his version or that it showcases his voice. He is probably has enough kitsch to get him through but it wasn't good. (As predicted...they loved it)
Vanessa went fr a ride on an AEROPLANE...
She sounds realy bad.....nerves have gotten to her. Ellen calls her unique...
Andrew moves on...Vanessa blew it and goes home. Ia sad that she left so early. I hope that like in years past, they went out on a limb and gave her another chance. obviously the judges didn't think she had it.
Cornelius edwards - split his pants, but sounded horrible. Megan wright...with the little borther. Not bad...but not great.
Amadeo - the big Italian....all he is doing in Hollywood is screaming.
Janell Wheeler - she's good....another smokey voice girl. Se's also got the look.
Haley Vaughn - She's cute...I don't think she is incredible..she's got some work o do if she is gonna make the top 12.
Mary Powers- the Pat Benatar wannabe - She's got a voice...but she imitates way too much. She needs to just be herself.
Haley and Mary make it through....

Day 1 - 46 contestants make it through...

Day 2 - a new batch of contestants...
Jay Stone - the beatbox boy....really bad.
Lilly Scot - Sandwich maker - Does Ella - I like her voice...but she can't play the guitar (what was she thinking?)
Lilly goes through...Jay goes home
Michael Lynch - Wife's water broke. He has a nice bluesy voice. Not sure if he is going to go far, but definitely good enough to go through here.
Justin Williams - Cancer Survivor, Tim Irvin,

First up - Tim - his range seems weak. He sings David Cook and makes me appreciate David Cook even more.
Justin - good voice, but a little overly dramatic. He looks like Osmond.
Wow...Tim moved on a Justin goes home? Justin was definitely a better singer. I think that was a huge mistake here.
The obnoxious sisters....neither makes it. Thank GOD!
Mattie Curtis - The Girl with the Downs syndrome brothers - weird song choice....really weird.
Casey James - Took off his shirt in Denver - Blues guitar 0 This guy is going to be in the top 12. He's got a voice and got the look. I guarentee this one.
Casey makes it through....Mattie goes home.

As the judges is all about song choice. What were some of these people thinking....seriously.

Last line of the day - DiDi (emotional waitress from LA)..She's got Megan Corkrey thing going on, but she is better. I going to call this one in the top 12 as well. I'm guaranteeing this one as well.

Crystal = Chicago Mom..She's awesome too - Not to sound like a broken record. But I'm putting her in the top 12 as well. Another guarantee.

Not surprises...they make it through.

We're starting to see the talent come through...

Tomorrow night. I love the group round...and I love when they put them in the 3 rooms......

I ca't wait!!!

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DrL/K said...

LOL! I just cracked up seeing AEROPLANE on your post! Poor thing - she was so nervous! Didi sounded great & Janell & Lilly too - it will be fun to see them (hopefully!) interpreting songs if they make it through.