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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Handicapping the top 24 we have our Top 24. Lets take a look and here are Rubbertoe's opinions on their chances of making the top 12:

The Guys:

1. Casey James - Shoo in for the top 12
2. Michael Lynche - Personally, I don't think that he should be in the Top 12, but he is going to make it. The guy has been given more air time than pretty much anyone else. That alone is going to propel him into the top 12
3. Andrew Garcia - see #2 above. Lots of airtime is going to help him. He's ok, but not top 12 material.
4. Jermaine Sellers - From what I've seen, he's got one of the better voices out there. He got a decent amount of air time so I think if he has a good performance, he should go through.
5. Toddrick Hall - I'm hoping he makes it through. He also got some good airtime and he's got the personality to draw America in.
6. Lee Dewyze - Gets Rubbertoe's final spot for the guys. He's got that David Cook factor that the others lack. AI loves that and one spot will open for that type of performer.

The rest: AAron Kelly (could sneak in with the young vote, ala "Chicken little". Ultimately doesn't have the voice, but AI is not always about the best singer.
Alex Lambert - has the cuteness factor, but again voice is weak. Cute Dimples are his only hope. Tim Urban - again...lacking the strong voice, but "boy next door" look might appeal to middle America. Tyler Grady - I like this guy, love the 70's Iggy Pop thing. I think he would add a nice dimension to the show this season, but I don't think America is ready for a "Retro-Idol". Joe Munoz and John Park - who are these two? They will suffer from lack of airtime. I seriously have no clue who they are. Maybe if they are great singers, they will make up for low exposure.

The Girls

1. Did Benami - Incredible voice. She is so different from Idols of the past and I think she is a shoo in for the top 12. Love her smokey voice.
2. Crystal Bowersox - another top 12 shoo-in. She will be hurt by not having the "Idol look" ala Carrie Underwear, but she has the talent to make up for it. Ultimately, despite her talent, she will not win the competition (ala Melinda Doolittle who was far and away the most talented in season 7). But she will make the top 12 for sure.
3. Janell Wheeler - I don't think she is all that talented, but she's the blonde pretty girl (ala Kristy Cook) that will get in despite not being as talented as some of the others.
4. Lilly Scott - I'm going a little out on a limb on this one. She has a distinct look that I think is going to appeal to enough to draw her in.
5. Katelyn Epperson - see #2 and 3 under Guys. Lots of airplay is going to compensate for less talent.
6. Siobhan Magnum - sneaks into the top 12.

To be honest- I just do know enough about the rest:
Michelle Delamor, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Lacey Brown,
Haley Vaughn, Ashley Rodriguez

Maybe as we get to know them during the next couple weeks...the predictions will change.
But I definitely think that the top 3 have emerged: Casey, Didi and Crystal.
My first finale Prediction: Casey v. Didi.
And if I had to guess right now I would say Didi is the Next American Idol.

My Predictions last year were WAAYYY that may be bad news for Casey and Didi.


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