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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Got One Hand In My Pocket and the Other One Is Sayin So What. . .

Crystal (HUGE SPACE), Katelyn, Lily, Katie, Michelle, Didi, Haley, Siobhan (space) Ashley, Paige, Janell, (space) Lacey

I'm getting to this a day late . . . Here's our first week of live voting!!!!!

Yay! We've gone back to the format from 2 years ago . . . voting out the bottom 2 in each group each week. Hooray!

Very, very funny way to break the tension tween Simon ad Ellen . . .LOVES IT!

1. Paige Miles - Betta bring it girl . . you're first in a long line. Iffy start . . . a little pitchy, but she seems to be recovering. I'm not sure why she's wearing that bow tied piece of suran wrap around her waist . . . Ok, so, she screamed through parts of it, and it really did nothing for me. . . I'm not gettin the judges . . . I really didn't feel her nearly as much as they did.

2. Ashley Rodriguez - I LOVE her, but I LOVE this song even more . . . it's a big song. . . I'm worried for her. She needs to pull the mic back from her mouth . . . She has slowed and lowered the song which fits her range better, but it has also made a really good song, very boring. I didn't love her, but I ain't mad at her neiter. . . The judges didn't feel her . . . but I didn't think that Paige was that much, if any, better than she was. . .

3. Janell Wheeler - Oh Sweet Heavenly Lord . . . Why oh Why do they pick these songs . . . "What About Love" is such a tall task . . . the song is WAY too big for her . . . she's not capable of this song . . . they are going to say karaoke . . . Wow, either they REALLY like Janell and Paige or they REALLY don't like Ashely . . . I'm not sure which.

4. Lilly Scott - Croonin a little Beatles .... OMFG . . . FIND YOUR KEY!!!!!!!!! And now she's found it . . . but this song is so awkward for the Idol audience. She's quirky though, and I kind of like that. . . as long as she is quirky and in key. Last 1/2 was SOOOOO much better than the first 1/2 . . . The judges like her cuz she's different and that she is . . . I would agree that the latter 1/2 of the song puts her in first.

5. Katelyn Epperly - I like this girl . . . she's got a little Allison Iraheta in her. I dig the scratchy vocals, and I think she was a bit better than Lily. The judges liked her . . . Kara didn't like her makeover . . . Ellen thought she was pushed . . .

6. Haley Vaughn - At first, I thought she was dressed up like a nurse . . . She wants to hold my hand . . . and she is sort of screaming to let me know it . . . I think Haley has a great voice . . . I'm not quite as crazy about her as I think the judges will be, but I think she did a very, very good job. Kara thought she was pitchy but unique, Randy agreed, Ellen enjoyed it, and Simon thought it was kind of awful. I love Ellen . . . "If it was a mess, it was a hot mess" LOVE IT!

7. Lacey Brown - I hope she doesn't find herself in a landslide here . . . I don't have a lot to say besides that was kind of a RED HOT MESS. I really don't like her voice. The Dawg thought it was terrible. Ellen thinks she's better than that. Simon thought it was depressing. Kara thinks she didn't hit the notes. She's in trouble.

8. Michelle - Oh, Lawd, girl is pullin out Alicia . . . did something weird just happen with the mic? I was prepared to roast this girl for choosing this song, but it wasn't that bad . . . still a bad song choice, but she sang it fairly well. Ellen and Simon liked it but thought she could do better . . . Kara was less enthused . . . Randy thought it was pretty good . . . yo . . . dope . . . word . . .

9. Didi - I'm not familiar with this song . . . oh wait . . . I do know this song . . . We've got a lot of quirky with the girls . . .but this is quirky I can get behind. I like her, and her voice has a purity that makes me want to hear more. Simon thinks she's not original w/o spark, Kara thought she did make changes to the song but was pitchy, Randy sees no outward ooomph, Ellen thinks it was the wrong song.

10. Siobhan Magnus - Doin a little Wicked Game . . . started low . . . which I like . . . this is not going to go well . . . she's not pitchy, but I just don't like this rendition. I feel like the music needs to be louder to accompany her. . . I was bored. Ugh. Kara liked her. Randy was all like yo and blow before, but not so much tonight. Ellen really loved it, and, as an aside, is going to slap Randy if he continues to call her "E". Simon likes her, but didn't love the song.

11. Crystal Bowersox - I LOVE Hand in My Pocket . . . Now, THIS is what the fuck I'm talking about . . . Hellz Yeah! I like the harmonica . . . she's singin like she's already won this thing. LOVE HER! LOVE HER! LOVE HER! Randy loves her originality. Ellen thinks we're lucky that she auditioned. Simon didn't love it, likes her, but not original. Kara thinks she was good, but has the potential to be great.

12. Katie Stephens - She's takin a chance with the Buble . . . Her voice is solid, but she doesn't really have the energy that this song requires. But I like her . . . she's got a good voice. Ellen thought it was conservative. Simon agrees with Ellen. Kara thinks she was pitchy, but thinks she has ridiculous chops. Randy thinks she was pushing so hard that she was going sharp . . . compared her to Jordin Sparks.

Alright, so that is the end of the girls and I'm on to watch the boys . . . Other than Crystal, I was underwhelmed. What did y'all think?

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