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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fixing A Hole...In My Head (Last Night's Ladies)

Dr. L & K Qwik © Idol Rundown:

The girls were all over the place! Sorry we are a day behind, Dr. L and I are gonna hit the high points :

BTW, I was struck by how Idol always seems to load the Top 24 with some cannon fodder. Remember the season where the guy came out and sang with no shoes, and immediately got the boot that week? There's always some no-shoe equivalent folks in here, cannon fodder destined to get mowed down on the way to 6 girls and guys, you just have to uncover who.

Paige: Curse of the No. 1 spot. Strange rockin' tune to start the night. Not good enough to not be forgotten after 11 more girls, I think. Anyone lese think it was wierd she didn't even change the gender of the song to a guy? It was like a lesbian anthem, sort of. Progressive, for Idol.
Ashley: Kind of thin sounding, and the first of a line of girls wanting to have some more famous, better singer rub off on them and falling short.
Janell: Didn't seem to respect how hard this song is to sing, and was swallowed up by it.
Lilly: Bizarre. I can't see America lving that. For the way to do it right, see Didi below.
Katelyn: Bigger voice than I remembered, I didn't get the comments about the shouting (at lest compared to the others). I did think she was dressed like a Hollywood Blvd. streetwalker, with the sausage-casing dress and the Ho Red lipstick.
Haley: I hate to admit it, but I was expecting this to come off poorly for some reason. As it went along Dr. l and I actually were enjoying it. Then the judges eviscerated her. Why? Isn't she one of the OMG young girls, and African American? Better hang on to her, FOX.
Lacey: So beautiful, IMHO, and yet such a strange delivery. Another one working the quirky angle last night, incurring the Wrath of Simon. She could be gone, but then she's the token magenta-head, and they usually last to the Top 12.
Michelle: A pro, and it showed. Nice performance, but kind of like Apolo Ohno, just trying to make the Qualifying before turning up the heat. Could be risky.
Didi: Brooke White's clone (almost), probably a plant, but a MUCH more pleasant shot at a quirky performance. She's staying. Can't you see her going to the Top 5 at least?
Siobhan: Got the pipes, but another weird song choice.
Crystal: reminds me of other former Idols who are great singers, seem a little embarassed to be on this karaoke show, but turn in solid performances while they last. I can't wait to see her dancing in the group numbers...not that she couldn't do it, but jesus, she doesn't look like she'd like it.
Katie: the Pimp Spot. Big bombtastic voice, but kind of a robotic employment of it here. What can you say, though, she's another OMG seventeen! so Idol probably wants her to stay and pull a Jordin Sparks (notice they dropped JS's name a couple times? Have to keep America thinkin').

So our order would be:


Katelyn - Siobhan




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