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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We had the intros, and I still don't know where we are tonight . . . I'm guessing we're getting the leftovers of those we didn't see . . . or just a review of all of the auditions . . .

Jessica from Denver - Wow! Powerful voice, nice control. I kind of heart her for coming back this season. Good job, girl.

I just tried to fast forward through the damned commercials, but this is LIVE . . . ugh.

Amanda Sheckman - She has a good, solid voice . . . I love her. I love her drama. . . but a little of her could go a long way.

Lee D. - He's a bigger, scratchier version of Kris Allen . . .

As an aside, does anyone actually believe that Kelly Ripa is in the kitchen making party treats for her kids bday party? Seriously? Really?

Lacey Brown from Orlando - Love her . . . Love her . . . Love her . . . glad she's back!

Several Sixteen Year Olds - Genesis, Thaddeus, and some white girl . . . none of them were terribly memorable for me . . .

I swear, when Thaddeus said, "Hollywood" . . . it reminded me of the movie Mannequin . . . remember, when Anthony from Designing Women was "Hollywooooooooood", and he thought Andrew McCarthy was weird for liking the mannequin who was actually Kim Catrall . . . anyway . . . I know y'all remember.

I have five words for you: I AM A BEAUTIFUL MANFLOWER

Y'all got tickets to the gun show? Big Mike wants y'all to know that muscleheads gots game . . . he's through

Didi - We've got a little Megan Joy going on here . . . But much better . . . I like her more than I've liked most . . . she's got some Top 12 potential.

Erin Kelley - Rip my heart out and stomp on it . . . Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, he can sing! Hooray!

Kimberly Bishop - Oh. Sweet. Lord. She kissed something, but I'm just not sure what . . .

Shaddai Harris - Lawd in the mornin . . . Make. It. Stop.

Ok, so, I'm a little excited about watching Past Life next after Idol . . . er, sorry, back to Idol.

Anyone else still unconvinced that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders excited Seacrest?

Hope Johnson - Not the greatest or the strongest voice, but good enough to go through.

Next week we have our 181 Idol finalists hittin Hollywood with Ellen D. See ya next week!

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