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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rubbertoe checkin in we have to watch tape delayed on here because me friends don't have a TV.

I have to say that my thought was the Janell should go home...and America got it right. I didn't think they would because America loves a pretty blond that isn't that talented (See KLC)....

Ashley should have stuck around a little longer, but between her and Didi I was sweating bullets. After all...Rubbertoe picked Didi to win it all....I would have been super embarrassed if she would have been the first sent home. But not as embarassed as she should have been after her performance the other night. She better pull it together.

Then the boys. I definitely saw Munoz going home. Everyone here disagreed with me. But it wasn't based on voice performance. It was based on complete lack of stage presence. He just didn't have anything to keep him around.

The second guy...Tyler, America got right. He had that really weird chin that was just.......really weird. I know that people can't really control their looks...but that chin was really weird. I thought he would have added an interesting element to the show, but his performance was just not very good.

So I think America got 3 of 4 right. Hopefully next week the performances will improve.

Ok....getting ready to go out on the Barcelona town (Friday night......).....


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