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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Casualties of the Train Wreck

And . . . it's time for our first results show . . .

Cue judge's banter with Ryan and the group sing . . . PLEASE. MAKE. IT. STOP.

Back row of girls is standing . . . Siobhan is safe! Haley is up next, and she is safe! Michelle is next, and she is safe! Katelyn is up next, and she is safe! Yay, I liked her! Katie and Janell are up and one is going home . . . I picked Janell to go home . . . Katie is safe and Janell is out of here. . . . and must sing again.

We're back and moving on to a special performance by Allison Iraheta . . . I love Allison and her voice, but I'm not terribly sure about this song . . . That being said, I LOVE her.

Here comes the front row of the ladies . . . Paige is up and she is safe! Lacey, I picked her to go home, is up and she is safe . . . ugh . . . Lily is up next and she is safe! Krystal is up next, and I loved her . . . she is safe! WE're down to Ashley and Didi . . . Didi is safe and Ashley is GONE . . . I'm surprised . . . not terribly so, but somewhat . . .

Here come the boys . . . Tyler in a bathrobe . . . back row of boys are up . . . Big Mike is up first and he is safe! John Park is next, I picked him to go home, and I was wrong again . . . he is safe! Aaron Kelly is up next and he is safe! Todrick Hall, whose mama should slap him upside the head for what he did last night, is safe. We're down to Tim and Joe . . . somebody's going home and it is Joe . . . are you serious . . . he was one of the better performances from last night. . . Ugh!

Kris Allen is reporting about Haiti and is about to sing . . . 100% of my baby's proceeds will go to Haiti relief . . . he's singig Let it Be . . . Now THAT is how you perform a song . . .

Front row of guys are up . . . There is my boy and he is safe! Jermaine, I picked him to go home, is safe. . . Ugh . . . Lee is up and he is safe! Andrew is up and, as he should be, he is safe! We're left with Tyler and Alex . . . I hate this because I like both of these boys, but between these two boys, Alex should go through . . . and he does! Yay! And Tyler is sassing the judges . . . good grief. . .

The first week is over, and I am glad to put it to bed. Hopefully next week will prove more successful.

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