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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Denver Auditions: Did You Swallow Some Helium Today?

And we're back and auditioning in Denver! And Posh is BACK!

Mark Labriola - is here doin the thing that dudes do . . . I like him . . . he reminds me a bit of Chris Sligh from a few seasons back . . . I think he has Top 12 potential.

Kimberly Kirbo - lots of parents . . . looks a bit like she has a wig on . . . I don't love her voice . . . to me she is very weak, but she is through. . . and now Simon echoes my wig sentiments.

Danelle Harris - seriously, y'all know I don't have anything against kids, but seriously . . . are there any single folks here? She's got a heavy voice, and I like her. There's some potential here.

Casey James - Can anyone say Bucky Covington? I like his voice, and he's better than that girl earlier. . . and, well, he took his shirt off . . . so . . .

Tori Kelley - She's got a nice range and nice control . . . Simon is cranky . . .

Can I repeat again that I can't wait to see Casey James in Hollywood. TeeHee

Austin Paul - worth writing down because of his arrogance, and because his voice is terribly mediocre-esque. I need him to go away. Thank you, judges.

Kenny thinks he is a male Mary J Blige and that his singing is a public service to others . . . that made me giggle. Now, I need someone to unplug him.

Here come the tears and the ridonkulous auditions . . .

Nikki Nix and her horrific speaking voice came all the way from Italy . . . she's gotta girl group voice . . . she could step right into the Pussycat Dolls, but I'm not sure she's right for this show . . . I don't really get their enthusiasm, but, she's through.

Haeley Vaughn - I like her voice, and I like how her look doesn't match her voice. She was cute.

And with Haeley Vaughn, we are through yet another night of auditions . . . thank sweet Jesus above we only have one night of auditions left. Damn it, my DVR cut off before I could see bikini boy sing!

See ya tomorrow

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