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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Don't Stop...thinkin' about a better song choice!

Casey - Don't Stop Believin' - needs to step out of the comfort zone. Not bad, but kind of a 'paint by numbers performance'. He is so good, but worried that if he doesn't step it up a bit in the performance department he will be leaving us.

Lee - The Boxer - A bit of split here for L/K - L thought it was good, and a solid song choice. K didn't think he gave anything more to the song than Casey did on his, but the judges went overboard praising him.

Tim - GooGoo Dolls song - Liked this - he seemed to connect with his song this week, a few strange notes here and there, but overall pretty good.

Aaron - I Believe I Can Fly - (LOL Ellen's comment!) He did tackle a huge song with this choice - he is really working hard to stay in this competition. Probably not the best song for him to connect to, bu

Siobahn - When You Believe - She has really had some song choice problems - she sounded okay in parts, but continues to pick songs based on which ones have the 'power note'. This is sad because she has a good voice, but it is wasted in these weird songs/arrangements.

Big Mike - Hero - Surprised by this choice, but I thought he put his own spin on it, and did a nice job. Seems like he also was playing to stay in the competition

Crystal - People Get Ready - WOW! Best of the night, hands down...superb! The only performance that was right on all levels, song choice, vocals and connecting to the theme. I felt like I was watching last season.


Big Mike

L/K's Bottom Three: Casey, Tim, Aaron - Aaron goes home

America's Bottom Three: Big Mike, Tim, Aaron - Aaron goes home

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J said...

I'm starting to think you guys are right about Aaron going home. I'm sticking with my picks, but I'm thinking we may "see [him] running through that open dooooooooor"