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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The GOOD, the BAD and everything in BeTwain

OK....bad attempt at a Southern apologies.....

Lee - Was not good tonight. He got the "AI wants him to stay on" push from the judges. Completely unearned props. At least he took Shania's advice.

Big Mike - Mike was actually elly good onight. Until the falsetto....which was weak and just silly. He annoys me to no end....but I have to give him his props tonight.
I understand what Simon meant by "wet". Mike is just always a little too "staged" and forced....which is why I find him incredibly annoying.

Casey - was Hot tonght. Heard his high range for the first time really. I think he was smart to take this number and give a stripped down performance.

Crystal - Solid performance....but not to the level of last week. I guess that's the problem with setting the bar to high. Last week Crystal was head and shoulders above everyone else. This week...middle of the pack.

Aaron - Really good vocal...but his immaturity showed in the performace. As I have said all season...he has the voice....but lacks the package.

Cinnabon - Weak version of a great Shania song. She gave none of the attitude that Shania suggested she show. Her traveling kareoke act was only outdone by the Cinnabon squeal. Complete Cheese.

Rubbertoe's rankings (based on vocals): Casey, Aaron, Big Mike, Crystal, Lee, Cinnabon.

Rubbertoe's ranking tonight based on tonights vocals, package and overall season: Casey, Crystal, Aaron, Mike, Lee, Cinnabon

Rubbertoe's bottom 3 - Cinnabon, Lee and Crystal
America's bottom 3 - Aaron, Lee, Mike

Going Home: Either Lee or Aaron. It should be Lee based on tonight....but I'm going to predict Aaron.

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DrL/K said...

Agreed about Big Mike tonight - that weird little falsetto thing took me out of an otherwise good performance.

right on target about Cinnabon - that is such a fun song, and she just stomped it into a big cheesy mush!