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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The long and cheesy road

Aaron - The Long and Winding Road: sort of a Byran Adams -ish sound to this version. A bit sleepy sounding, maybe? A safe, middle of the road performance.

Katie - Let it Be: Way to go Katie! liked this version of the song - kind of on the country side? Really thought it suited her voice and it had a 'current' vibe to it. She had some nice sass to the pre-performance sit-down with Ryan.

Andrew - Can't Buy Me Love: Hmmm, well he had a lot of energy - and he seemed to have fun. Not really my fave, I think the judges pinned it with the 'corny' comment. K - thought old-fashioned.

(Looking at Katie's pink dress and Andrew's yellow shirt - was there an Easter Peep theme going on tonight?)

Big Mike - Eleanor Rigby: Wow! that was a new take on this song, with the R&B vibe. K - says, Big Mike has really exceeded his expectations the past few weeks, - thought he was a one trick pony, but he is much more than that. Maybe the secret to Mike is to not watch his grandiose gestures as he performs because his personality is pretty obnoxious at times. Idol sure wants him to stay: Swoop-O-Cam and the on-stage string section.

Mamasox - Come Together: She didn't need the band backing her up on this one - too much stuff going on. Would have been better with her, the digeridoo guy, and some bongos. Good solid performance, but I don't think she was good in the way that Casey was good this week, though.

Tim - All My Loving: Ahhh - his intro package was sooo cute!! Randy was echoing Kara's smarmy condesencion from last week - but everyone else seemed to give credit where credit was due. We both thought that was great - I really love the tone of his voice. Had a fun and current vibe! He has a certain appeal in this competition - not just visually :) K says, contrasted with Andrew, his song choice and performance was right on - with the early Lennon-McCartney material.

Casey - Jealous Guy: No words... goosebumps here! That was beautiful! LOVED it! Best of the night - no doubt!

Siobahn - Across the Universe: Exactly what she needed to do this week - a softer performance, and reigned the big note back in. Hard not to love this song no matter who sings it. Hated the hair and the outfit though, very distracting.... This was the clearest example of the judges cutting a female contestant a break for a mediocre performance tonight.

Lee - Hey Jude: what was up with the bagpipe thing? I wasn't sure if that worked, but he seemed to happy about it. Not my fave Lee song, but pretty good overall. It is hard to judge a sing-along song, but it would be fun to hear in a concert.

Overall, K says it seemed evident to him that the judges were throwing softballs at the girls to keep them in another week, at the expense of a guy. TPTB are afraid that this is going to become a sausage fest.


Big Mike

L&K Bottom Three: Aaron, Lee, Andrew Andrew goes home

America's Bottom Three: Katie, Aaron, Andrew Andrew goes home


Rubbertoe said...

I thought last night was very interesting....and its interesting to see us all, all over the place.
You have Big Mike #2? I have him second to last. Maybe its just because he completely bugs me...but I thought last night was really bad.
I always love seeing how others view the performances though...we can't always all agree!!!

J said...

Rubbertoe, I agree. I LOVE how different we all are this season. I'm on board with you about Big Mike . . . I just smell Gouda everytime he gets on stage . . . and his cocky attitude is hopping on my last, good, gay nerve.

DrL/K said...

We were thinking the same thing, guys. When we read your rundown, it's so interesting how different both your assessments are, and yet it all makes sense. When I read live blogs from around the country last night, they had even DIFFERENT takes. Maybe it's that this season has been less than Wow, with a couple exceptions.

And we totally get the Big Mike Velveeta effect, I make fun of his trademark posturing every time. For some reason he makes me think of Mr Munch, the purple pizza eater from Chuck E Cheese...