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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little less satisfaction....

First of all...I thought that Adam was a great mentor and gave them all really good advice...much better advice than most of the other mentors have and better than the judges.

Crystal - Solid as usual. What is there to say. Having the electric guitar gave it a nice change.

Andrew - Horrible. He should have listened to Adam's advice. It was BORING. When Adam told him to take it up a little, he sounded pretty good...but then he went back to the boring version. Bye Bye Andrew.

Tim - Simon said it: Zero to hero. Very nice performance that showed off his vocal ability.

Lee- Lee was awesome tonight. For probably the first time, I saw some star quality in her.

Aaron - completely Kareoke.

Cinnabon - One word - Schizophrenic. Its ok to not want to be pidgeon-holed, but she is all over the place.

Big Mike - I have to much as I dislike him, he was great tonight. He was off his cocky perch and he allowed his vocals to shine. I think being almost elminated was good for him. I hope he learned a lesson.

Katie - Wow...rocked it ronight. I thought she sounded better than ever and gave an energetic performance. She took Adam's advice and ran with it.

Casey - Great bluesy performance Judges are off the mark on him. He was one of the bet of the night.

Rubbertoe's rankings:

1-2-3: I'm going to call it a tie between Lee, Casey and Crystal

4. Tim
5. Big Mike
6. Katie


7. Cinnabon


8. Aaron
9. Andrew

America cannot possibly get the two eliminations (Andrew/Aaron) wrong.
However, America will put Tim in the bottom 3 wih them.

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