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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Top 9 - Money can't buy him love or save him this time

Opening shot...Redhead in the audience (I've already forgotten her name)....oh..yeah. Lacey.

Idol makeovers look good. I love what they did to Tim's hair. And Casey looks hot as always.

Lennon/McCartney -

First up...Aaron- Long and Winding Road. His upper register is not his strength. Thus, it started out really weak. He's a cute kid. But this performance was jus't....blah. Nothing bad, but just kinda boring and bland. (BTW...he must be about 5'3, considering Ryan is either 5'5" or 5'6")...

Katie - "Let it be". All I can say is Girl....let it be. She did nothing with the song. She looks cute though. but she's definitely overstayed her welcome.
Randy? Her best performance ever? Ellen? Amazing? Kara? Great vocal and you never sounded better? Simon - You got it right. Wow....I'm definitely in a different camp than the judges. I found it boring and meaningless.

Andrew Garcia - Can't buy me love - I HATE what they did with his hair. He looks like PAT from Saturday night live. He's put a little Rockabilly twiston it. I don't really care for the version. Andrew is on his last legs. He seemed to have fun, but it was just ok.

Michael Lynche - Eleanor Rigby. So Far...this is horrible. This is all the annoying Mike..without the generally good vocals. At the got better, but not enough to save it. This was definitely his worst performnce to date. Randy is on drugs...Ellen as well. Kara? Fire? These judges are wacko tonight. Simon - Didn't love it. OK...he's just annoying. He thinks he could do that on the radio? Mike's in for a rude awakening.

Crystal Bowersox - MamaSox. Love the nickname. Come Together. This is the perfect song for her. I like the understated way she is doing this song. I'm trying to decide: Is Crystal really good because she IS really good OR Is she good because everybody else this year is so bad (save for a couple)? That Judges finally got it right. What is the Digerdoo? I have to say that Ernie on the Digerdoo was better than Big Mike tonight.

Tim Urban - All my Lovin. He looks great and his vocals are good. Not super exciting. But one of the few solid performances of the night. THAT was something that I could hear on the radio today.
Randy - so condescending...especially when praising Michael and Katie. Simon was right...judging not on Randy's "Tim standard", it was a good performance.

Casey James - Jealous Guy - I loved this. I loved how it was so stripped down that you really got to hear the quality of his voice and see the "vulnerability".
Simon says "Best performance of the night so far" - I agree. He looks HUGE next to Ryan.

Siobhan - Across the Universe - Starts off horrible. What is that dress...the makeup...? This arrangement is GOD AWFUL. Talk about a pretentious and cheesily dramatic performance. She actually made Big Mike sound good. I am shocked by how bad this was. (I can't believe the judges this year - The are all over DIDI in weeks past for being overly dramatic...and they give Cinnabon a pass on this? They are all so inconsistent this year).

Lee - "Hey Jude" - I don't like the "Cleaned up" look they gave. He looks more confident tonight, but his vocals are not as good as in the past weeks. What was with the bagpipes? Ths is all getting a little cheesy?
I've been defending the show all year from people saying "Its jumped the shark"...but now I myself am starting to think that it may have "jumped the shark".

Best to the Worst:


So...Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Andrew, Michael and Cinnabon
But America's will be very different.

America's bottom 3 will be: Andrew, Aaron and Katie
Going Home?: Andrew


J said...

I'm hoping we're all on the Andrew express tonight. He needs to go . . . his rendition of "Can't Buy Me Love" was horribly, terribly, wretchedly, bad . . .

Rubbertoe said...

I agree. I haven't even really been voting this year. Aside from Crystal and Casey, none of the others do anything for me....(well...except Tim....but that's another story).