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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quickly My Predictions last nights show was supposed to inspire us? Yeah....not so much.

I'm trying not to be a "hater"...but this years lot of contestants has to be the weakest in the 9 year history of Idol.

Best of the night by a mile - Crystal. She is in a league of her own. Last night no one even came close.

Second - Lee. Didn't love his arrangement of the song. But he is coming into his own, getting more comfortable and coming on strong. He could be in the finale.

Third- Casey. I don't care what the judges said, he wasn't on the level of Crystal or Lee...but he was way better than the rest of the lot.


4. Aaron - Voice is good...but I've said it before, he lacks the package

5. Big Mike - I like the fact that he's toned down since being knocked off his cocky perch. I can't stand his wife. Every time they show her in the audience I cringe.

6. Cinnabon - What was with the butterfly outfit?

7. Tim - He wasn't bad....but he's reached his limit.

America's bottom 3: Aaron, Cinnabon and Tim.

I think Tim's time has run out........

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