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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Top 6: "Don't" . . . miss Casey James.

Six lives hang in the balance . . . THIS is AMERican Idol.

45 million dollars raised by Idol Gives Back . . . pretty cool.

I CANNOT believe that we are having Shania Twain night . . .

I love that Lee and Crystal are arm in arm

1. Lee DeWyze - He's singing "You're Still The One" . . . I think this could be really good. He's made some minor changes to the melody which is nice. He's so in his singing element when he gets to belt those gravelly notes . . . he still has some of those pitch problems, but I think they are just part of his charm. A very solid performance from Lee. Randy thinks it's one of the best songs ever written . . . he thinks he did a pretty good job. Ellen thinks he made it his own, and that he looks cute. Kara thinks he sounded relevant, and that he's come a long way. Simon thought it was the perfect song choice for Lee.

2. Big Mike - Oh Lord . . . I fear that he's going to do some sapfest of a song and squeeze every last bit of sap out of it . . . He's singing "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing". I love Big Mike's voice, but I'm ready for him to move on . . . he just wrings the sap out of every song . . . that being said, Big Mike is singing this song very well with a nice falsetto ending. Good, solid, job. Randy loved it. Ellen thinks he showed good emotion. Kara thinks he "goes to that place". Simon thought it sounded like Luther Vandross, but the performance was a little bit "wet" . . . I'm leaving that alone.

3. Casey "My Baby" James - Swoon . . . He's singing "Don't" . . . Shania wants him to remember to tell a story . . . His vocals are spot on, and this is much more a Casey vibe. He has really made this a Casey James song . . . I think he has pulled himself out of bottom three oblivion. Simply beautiful. Randy thinks it is one of his best performances. Ellen thought it was his best performance. Kara thinks he was vulnerable and raw. Simon thinks it is probably his best performance so far. Casey gave Shania hug on Simon's request.

4. MamaSoxx - I wonder if she'll get Shania to sign her guitar . . . Oh she already did sign the guitar . . . Crystal thinks that there is an aura of positive energy around Shania . . . She's singing "No One Needs To Know" . . . I think that's what it's called. I heart Crystal. I love the whole set up with the stage and Crystal's rug. Her voice sounds great, as per usual . . . it's a simple song and she is bringin the Crystal vibe to it. The upper register to her voice is nice to hear. Another solid performance from MamaSoxx . . . Randy loved seeing her doin her thing. Ellen thinks she's brilliant, but it wasn't performance. Kara thinks it's impossible for her not to be good. Simon thought it was limp and very coffee shop-esque.

5. Aaron Kelly - I missed what he is singing . . . oh, "You Gotta Way". To give him credit, he's found his niche and he's sticking with it. That being said, this is the second week in a row that I think he's fallen short of the mark. His voice sounds nice, but he's just missing some of the notes and his voice sounds a bit stressed. Randy thinks this is his "wheelhouse". Ellen thinks he showed some maturity and emotional depth. Kara agrees with Ellen. Simon thinks the last two or three weeks he has struggled; however, tonight, he was like a different artist.

6. Siobhan - What was Shania's first number one hit? Oh Lord, is she singing, "Any Man of Mine"? . . . yikes . . . Oh Sweet Lord . . . This was the wrong song for Siobhan . . . she needed to pick one of the soaring ballads . . . Like From This Moment . . Acapella . . . NO NO NO. . . even the end which was better, missed the point of the song . . . I thought it was a hot mess . . . Randy loved it. Ellen thought it was great. Kara thinks she's back. Simon thought the end sounded like she was giving birth.

The rankings:
(Tiny Space)
(Huge Space),
5.Big Mike,

My Bottom Three: Aaron, Big Mike, Siobhan
America's Bottom Three: Aaron, Big Mike, Lee

Leaving Tomorrow: Big Mike

A note: I don't dislike Siobhan . . . I just don't think that one big note at the end of the song makes up for a red, hot, pitchy mess throughout. That's all . . .

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DrL/K said...

Yes, your baby Casey did a lovely job last night! that was just a perfect performance! Would buy that single in a heartbeat