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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

J's Top 9 Picks: What to do . . . What to do . . .

Ok, so, I have lamented over these picks throughout the day. There are several different scenarios that could play out. I think America's votes will put Katie, Tim, Andrew, and Aaron in danger. Although, I think that Katie shouldn't be in that group and Big Mike should . . . . but that's another conversation.

I'm sort of with an earlier post of Rubbertoe's, and am starting to think of Tim Urban as Kristy Lee Cook . . . slowly getting somewhat better, but still shouldn't be here . . . but America likes him enough to keep him in. Therefore, I think he will be safe, but I'm not convinced he's safe from the bottom three.

Then, there's Katie who I think should be safe, but has been in the bottom three two weeks in a row . . . which in a normal season would almost guarantee her safety this week . . . but this is not a normal season, and I am still convinced that voting totals are WAY DOWN this year.

Another thing to consider . . . where do Didi's votes go?

Yet another thing to consider . . . America loves little Yoda . . . Aaron, and they love Lee's boyfriend, Andrew.

Who to pick . . . Who to pick . . .

Ok, here it is

Bottom Three: Tim, Aaron, Andrew
Going Home: Andrew

We shall soon see . . .


DrL/K said...

We are jealous of you getting the East Coast jump on the show every week! They delay it here so we have to avoid the interwebs until 8 pst

Rubbertoe said...

I know. I am always tempted to go on-line and read before the show starts, but so far...I haven't.

I think it is interesting that despite the fact that our rankings for this week were all over the place...we all agreed on Aaron and Andrew being in the bottom 3 and all agreed that Andrew is leaving.

The only question: Will it be Tim, Katie or Lee that joins them?