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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Points Game: A Banner Week for Rubbertoe!

The above picture was described as a "rubber toe" . . . I was trying to provide photographic props to our own, beloved, Rubbertoe. :)

When last we left our Idol points game, here were are standings.

1. J - 16 points
2. Rubbertoe & Dr. L/K - 13 points

Here's how we all fared this week . . .

J - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points) and correctly predicted Tim to go home (1 point) = 3 points

Rubbertoe - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points), correctly predicted Tim to go home (1 point), and correctly predicted Tim to be 7th in his original picks (2 points) = 5 points

Dr. L/K - 2 of the bottom three correct (2 points)

The Current Standings:

1. J = 19 points
2. Rubbertoe = 18 points
3. Dr. L/K = 15 points

We will continue our Idol Points War . . . er, um, I mean game, next week. :)


DrL/K said...

What a great week. J better watch out, another trifecta like this and you will be Numero Uno :)

And J -- you must have a new crystal ball! How have you so deftly predicted the fickle mind of America?

This blog is so fun, we love it!

Rubbertoe said... he props and the rubbertoes....though it was all luck this week.
Without the good folks from VFTW and a couple of good weeks for Tim, the 7th place prediction wouldn't have happened!

Was a little surprised to see Casey in he bottom 3. Does he not have a strong voting base? Or is it a case that people thought he was safe and voted for others?