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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Top 9: A Guaranteed Siobhan vs. Crystal finale . . . Not if Casey, Lee, and who'd a thunk it, Katie have anything to say about it!

Here's Ryan in the central nervous system of the show, the judges, and our Top 9 . . . THIS is AMERican Idol!

Here are our Top 9 . . . and for once, Katie isn't dead center. Our theme tonight is . . . the Lennon/McCartney songbook. Now, this could be wonderful or it could bring loads of horror . . . recall Season 7 when we had back to back weeks of the Lennon/McCartney songbook . . . Week 1 was amazing and Week 2 sucked ass.

Sir Paul sent the Idols some love.

1. Aaron Kelly - If Aaron is smart he will choose one of the more simple love songs . . . his nickname is Yoda . . . He's singing "The Long and Winding Road" . . . hmmmm . . . I think this could be a good choice for him . . . I think he sounds pretty good, as per usual, he is much better in his upper register. His country twang adds a different sound to the song, and the end note is stellar. Overall, it was a little better than okay for me. Randy likes his voice, but didn't like the arrangement. Ellen thought it was a big song to take on. Kara thinks he still hasn't found a great performance. Simon called him sweetie . . . I love that. He thought it was old fashioned and boring.

2. Katie Stevens - Ok, she's showing a little personality in her interview . . . she's singing "Let it Be" which is dangerous since she is walking in the footsteps of Kris Allen's performance earlier in the season. Nice start . . . Who'd a thunk it . . . I thought that was down right beautiful. I'm quite impressed with week with Ms. Stevens. Randy thought it was her best performance ever. Ellen thought she changed it just enough to make it her own. Kara thinks she is blossoming on stage. Simon thinks she got it right tonight and that she leaned more country . . . I agree with Simon.

3. Andrew Garcia - Andrew is Big Mike's main P.I.C. . . . He's singing "Can't Buy Me Love" . . . this has the potential to be quite cheesetastic . . . 1. What is he wearing . . . 2. NO! . . . 3. NO! NO! NO! . . . don't get me wrong, his voice sounds fine, but it just sounds cheesy . . . and was that a Gokey screech I just heard? Definitely a yikes for me. . . Randy thought it was solid, but a little corny. Ellen thought it was a lot of fun and she loved it. Kara thought he could have done more with his interpretation. Simon thought the band overpowered the performance.

4. Big Mike - He's singing Eleanor Rigby . . . Hmmmmm . . . I'll have to see this one to figure it out . . . This is not thrilling me . . . Of all the songs in this songbook, why oh why did he choose this one. His voice is good, particularly in the upper register, but it just had a weird vibe to me. I didn't get it. Randy thought the parts that worked, worked well. Ellen thinks he can do anything. Kara thought it was FIRE! Simon didn't love it as much as the other three because he thought it sounded too much like a musical. I'm not as much on the Big Mike train as the rest of them, but I think his voice sounded good. Big Mike needs to be careful about being too cocky . . . it doesn't read well on the screen.

5. Crystal Bowersox - MamaSox . . . I like it . . . She's singing "Come Together" because "it has a fun groove" . . . I love Crystal . . . I love Crystal . . . I love Crystal . . . I feel better now. She's bringin the funk even with the cold . . . Randy thinks it was another solid performance. Ellen is running out of ways to tell her how great she is . . . Kara thinks it's one of her favorite performances of Crystal's. Simon thinks that is a performance he could hear on the radio.

6. Tim Urban - Tim wants to sing with a smile, so he's singin "All My Lovin" . . . is it my imagination or has this boy's voice gotten better . . . still not the strongest, but he's hittin the notes quite nicely. His performance is a little boring, but his voice sounds good . . . I'm sayin he was better than at least 2 other contestants tonight. Let the bloodbath begin . . . Randy thougt it was a much better performance. Ellen thought it was the perfect song choice for him. Kara thinks he's at his best when he has a guitar. Simon thought he did really well tonight with that song.

7. Casey James - oh yes, my baby, is a little playboy . . . tonight he's singin "Jealous Guy" . . . He looks really good tonight. I thought that was just plain wonderful . . . solid as usual, but also with some nice emotion. Randy likes the whole sensitive vibe, and thinks he took a leap. Ellen believed him, and thougt it was his best performance to date. Kara thought he showed a vulnerability, and it was tasteful. Simon thought it was the best performance of the night . . . agreed.

8. Siobhan Magnus - The Idols think she is amazingly, unique. She's singing "Across the Universe". I think her voice sounds absolutely beautiful . . . I have always thought the song was odd, and I think this arrangement was equally odd. However, I think her voice was just beautiful. Randy thinks she screams artist more than anyone else. Ellen likes that she marches to the beat of her own drummer. Kara thought from a singing perspective it was good, but thought it was very restrained and polite. Simon thinks it was much stronger this week.

9. Lee DeWyze - He's the resident worry wart . . . Ok, the jokes about Lee and Andrew getting married and having little Danny Gokey babies cracks me up . . . He's singin "Hey Jude" . . . whoops, his pitch problems have reappeared. I'm not sure about this song choice . . . he's a little all over the place vocally. It was a little small bar-ish . . . but I still heart him. Randy thought it was another hot one. Ellen thought he was more confident tonight. Kara thinks he feels better tonight, and can hear him on the radio. Simon thought it looked like the bagpipe player turned up on the wrong show.

A much, much better night on Idol tonight. For me, there was a clear line between the good and the not so good . . . here are my rankings . . .

2. Crystal
(with a slight edge over),
3.Katie, (with a slight edge over),
(Huge Space),
7.Big Mike,

Back later with predictions . . .

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