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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Less Animation

Elvis really has left the building.

Crystal - Saved - loved how she picked a non-traditional Elvis tune! LOVED it! only complaint - hard to hear her guitar - that would have been fun!
K says, maybe didn't need many of these performances would have been better had the SINGERS moved around more.

Andrew - HoundDog - didn't listen to a word that Adam said! boring, and again with the weird inflection on some of the words. 
K said maybe he wants to "clock out", seems like a performance that wouldn't convince anyone to vote

Tim -Can't Help Falling in Love - I was really hoping he was going to go with the falsetto at the end...but it was beautiful the way he did it. I thought he connected and it was a sweet, simple rendition of a classic tune. 

Lee - A Little Less Conversation - good arrangement of the song, and it was a little less restrained than the usual Lee performance. 

I am totally hearting Adam as a mentor! Love the straight-up, no BS comments!
K says, best Adam comment of the night, that "nothing going on here" in Lee's face; I don't get all the praise for Lee, what's he doing vocally that Casey isn't thrashing him on week in/out?

Aaron - Blue Suede Shoes - thought he gave it 110% - fun performance. He tried to do something different in terms of song choice. Not sure that it was the best choice if he wants to stick around for another week...
K says another pretty good performance that was over-cheesified by the arrangement. Some of the blame for these performances has to rest with Ricky Minor & crew.

Siobahn - Suspicious Minds - pretty good until she changed it up at the end. I didn't like the slowed-down part, maybe a strange song choice for her. Show your individuality in your performance, not by sassing the judges. 
K says she never recovered after that week (3 weeks ago?) that the judges slapped her down.

PS from K -- is Seacrest drunk? So many weird moments(making awkward sexual innuendo w/Adam, dancing w/Sarver during Tim's song, telling that Grandma in the crowd something would "suck", etc), culminating in an especially cruel slam against poor, forgotten castoff Brian Dunkleman. Seacrest is a d-bag extraordinaire.

Big Mike - In the Ghetto - thought it was smart to sing this song, did give him a chance to connect a bit -without all of the posturing he usually does. K thought it was kind of meh - song started at one level and never went anywhere beyond it. 

Katie - Baby What do ya want me to do? - sort of sassy-lite - I know she is trying, but  I imagine it would be hard for her to be as 'frustrated' as she would need to be to do this song proud. 
K thinks if she would come out just one week without the 1990 sorority bad-girl costume she might get some respect.

Chicken LIttle alert! Just saw Kevin Covais, Didi and Elliot Yamin on the promo for the 11pm newscast!

Casey - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - classic tune that is worth a listen (Elvis 68' Comeback Special version) I thought Casey did a great job with it! LOVE to hear him sing - to me, he has the best voice in the competition. I thought it was better than the judges gave him credit for...
K says this is a prime example of the band effing the singer: go back and listen to Casey ripping it up for Adam, solo. He would have KILLED it by himself, just w/the guitar.



Big Mike


L&K's bottom three:  Aaron, Siobahn, Andrew 
Andrew and Aaron go home

America's bottom three:  Katie Aaron Andrew, Andrew and Aaron say adios

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