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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Burn Baby Burn: A Surprising Disco Inferno

Last week Matt G was saved, but that means the stakes are higher . . . and no one will be safe . . . THIS is American Idol!

The tie bar is back.

Matt G lives to see another week on American Idol, but two people are going home tomorrow night . . . and it’s Disco Week . . . YIKES!

Let’s say hey to the judges!

Here are OUR Top 7 . . . and what is Matt G wearing . . . and Anoop . . . and Lil’s wig . . .

1. Lil Rounds – “I’m Every Woman” – She looks a little like “New York” from I Love New York . . . she appears to have finally picked a better song this week . . . she sounds much better, but they have put her in the death slot . . . I’m happy to finally be able to say that Lil is kind of back . . . sort of . . . this is MUCH better. Randy thought it sounded “wild”, and not in the good way. Kara agrees with Randy, and thinks she has been every other woman but herself. Paula is letting us know that she was on complete vocal rest, but she doesn’t think she hit the boiling point. Simon thinks this will be the last week that we’re going to see her. Lil talks back again, and, this time, I agree with her.

2. Kris Allen – He’s got his guitar with him this week . . . and might I say, cute as ever . . . but he’s singing “She Works Hard for the Money” . . . I’m a little concerned . . . but I have faith. Ok, I heart this boy, y’all know. I’m kind of digging this arrangement. I’m pleased that he took a genre he would have trouble with and made it his own. Kara thinks he took a risk, and that it paid off big time. Paula thinks it had a Santana feel to it, and thought he shopped well in the women’s department. Simon needs a Paula translator . . . he thought it was original and well thought out and was fantastic. Randy thinks he is ready for the big time.

3. The Gokey – “September” – and we get the Gokey screech right off the bat . . . UGH! There is no doubt that this boy can blow, but, for me, he is turning into a one trick pony. Minus the screeches, the performance is good and solid, but I’m having a hard time with the similarity of all of his performances. Randy was worried, but thinks he worked it out. Kara was also worried, but thinks he did a good job. Paula thinks he always takes it up one step higher, and thinks he has one of the sexiest voices ever. Simon agrees, but didn’t feel any star power from the performance.

4. Allison Irihita – “Hot Stuff” – Her vocals are pitch perfect as per usual . . . but for some reason, I’m just not loving this performance. I think she sounds great, but there’s just something odd to me . . . I just can’t quite put my finger on it . . . Randy didn’t love the arrangement, but thinks she is one of the best singers in the competition. Kara also thought that the arrangement was awkward, but that the vocals were spot on. Paula loves her edginess. Simon thinks she was the underdog this week, but thinks it was a brilliant performance . . . now I need a translator.

5. Adam Lambert - I must say that he is looking FIERCE! He’s singing “If I Can’t Have You” . . . he connects to it emotionally . . . very good . . . very good . . . like I said earlier, he reworked the genre and made it something that would work for him. Excellent! Randy thinks he is ready right now to record. Kara thinks he’s brilliant and inspiring. Paula has never questioned her visceral response and thinks he will be in the final. Simon is tickled and loved it cuz it was original and the vocals were immaculate. Ryan thinks that Adam melted Paula into a pool of Abdul.

6. Matt G. – “Stayin Alive” – I’m a little afraid of this . . . I can already say that one of those judges is going to call this karaoke . . . his vocals sound 100 times better than last week. His problem is going to be that he is not straying from the original on a night when we had Adam and Kris brilliantly re-work songs . . . Randy did not love the song or the arrangement, but thinks he can really sing. Kara thinks he brought disco back, and that he was pretty good. Paula thought he was quite good. Simon thinks he needs to get himself out of “Idol land”. He thought it was desperate and unoriginal.

7. Anoop Dogg – I missed the title of the song . . . something about dimming the lights . . . ah yes, “Dim All the Lights” . . . his vocals were pretty much pitch perfect in the intro . . . but, he made what I think is the hideous misstep of going a little up tempo in the second half of the song. I’m not loving the second half. That was not great. Randy thinks it was a rough last note, but thinks he can definitely sing. Kara thinks it was a great song choice, and that it could be on the radio. Paula thinks he looks fantastic and that real men can wear pink. Simon thought it was mediocre at best, and prayed that the tempo wouldn’t come in . . . and thought it was his worst
performance by a mile.

I'm not quite ready to post my rankings . . . however, I will say that I think the Top 3 are a much easier pick than the bottom four . . . not as far as I'm concerned, but for what I think America will do.

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