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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The elite eight before the show starts a little update on me. Got a call from a good friend today with news...she has tickets to AI tomorrow night. The only problem, they are not VIP (like last year) so there is no guarantee that we will get in. But I will be at CBS studios tomorrow at 1:00 (my boss doesn't know yet)...and will let you know if we get in. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
The Elite Eight - oh...Baby Photo those. Who are the scary guys in the front?
Danny - "Stand by Me" - Good song choice. I didn't love the arrangement and some of the beginning was a little sharp. But when it went uptempo I saw the Danny that I've been wanting to see for the last month. Overall very good tonight.
Kris - "All she wants to do is dance"- bad choice here. He looks great and I love watching him with the guitar, but the performance was a couple rungs down from where he's been the last couple weeks.
Lil - What's Love got to do with it" - I thought it was a good choice...but the problem with Lil is that she focuses to much on trying to mimick the original. She brought it at the end, but the first half was weak.
Anoop -"True Colors" - overall good. A little nasaly in parts, but I thought the song allowed him to show his strengths. It probably was not a great choice though in terms of winning over new fans, but will satisfy his old fans.
Scott - OK...the guitar was just stupid. I the only one that thought it was a little weird when he sang "When I look into your eyes"? OK...I know...politically wrong. This was hot and cold. Excellent in parts and a little strange in others. I would have to say overall one of his better performances...but that isn't saying a lot. At the end he says he wanted to show he was versatile before he went home....prediction?
Allison - Love her Mom!!!! "I can't make you love me" - Perfect song choice for her.
Hopefully she can make people love her. She has been in the bottom 3 more than she deserves. Not her absolute best performance, but one of the best tonight. Did I mention that I LOVE her mom?
Matt - "part time lover". Good choice for him, but its tough tough tough to do Stevie. I definitely think that he gave it some unique style. High points for style, less for vocals though.
Adam - "Mad World" - Smart choice. This guy is simply a pro...its almost unfair. Flawless vocal and yet another side of Adam.
Ranking tonight: Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt, Kris, Lil, Anoop, Scott,
America's bottom 3: Scott, Lil, Anoop
Going home: My head says Anoop. I think Scott still has the votes to keep him around. Could be Lil. If it is, look for the judges save.


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DrL/K said...

We are rooting for you Rubbertoe! Hope to see on the Idol set tonight!!