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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birth Year Hits and Misses

Hey y'all! Wow - the 'songs from your birth year' episode certainly had its hits and misses. Far and away - the standout of the night for us was Adam - wow!! Allison was also great - and we really thought Anoop did a good job. Matt was interesting - personally - L just hates that song, and she was singing along w/Matt, so he must have done something right!

Misses - well, Scott! It was awkward and really, of all the songs?! It is to the point that he is just trying too hard and it shows. Lil - her version was very karaoke-ish, and we were glad when it was over. Someone - please talk to her about leaving out the 'power note' at the end each song. Probably in the minority here, but we didn't think Kris was very good. It is distracting when they have the Idol groupies gather 'round the contestants -and the song was just kinda dull.

Our picks for tonight:

Bottom three: Kris, Anoop and Scott - Scott goes home.

America's bottom three: Scott, Anoop and Kris - and Kris goes home.

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