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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The magnificent Seven

How is Quentin Tarentino a mentor? This seems a little bit of a stretch to me.
First up - Alison - Aerosmith - Loved her energy and confidence, although she sounded flat in a couple parts. Solid performance. Not her best though...but another strong night for her.
Anoop - Bryan Adams - Everything you do. Anoop... man....the comeback kid. His version of this song was far superior to the original. Probably his best performance.
Adam - "Born to be wild" - WOW....just WOW. Loved the look. In a league of his own. This was probably one of the best idol performances of all time.
Matt - "Have you ever loved a woman" - Vocals were extremely weak in parts...almost as if his nerves got to him. Could have been a good performance and it was in parts, but at this stage...just not good enough.
Danny - "Endless Love" -Vocals were good...his breathing was a bit distracting seemed like he was out of breath the entire song. A step backward for Danny from last week.
Kris - "Falling slowly" - I love this song, but it is such a simple song from a simple movie...not sure if he is going to stand out with this song. First 1/2 was better in the middle and died again at the end. I don't think this was a good choice for him.
Lil - The Rose - Oh no....this is one of the classic songs that I'm not sure if you should touch. I'm waiting anxiously during the break. Beginning was a little weird. Middle got much better, but end ...again didn't do it for me. She looked really beautiful though tonight.

Overall...I HATED the two judge team...It didn't work and really wasn't a fair way to do it. A word of advice: Don't try to squeeze the show into a time restriction that is unreasonable. If the show needs to be 90 minutes...then make it 90 minutes. I hate these "rushed" shows.
Also - I was surprized by Tarentino as a mentor. I actually thought he was good and gave some pretty good advice.

SO we're getting down to the difficult weeks. Here is my rankings tonight:
1. Adam - Is this a competition any more? If the Idol is the better singer and best performer this one is a no-brainer.
(Humongous space)
2. Alison - Solid...if not her best. Who would have thought that the girl from ELA would wind up the strongest of the women? Its a shame that she has even been in the bottom 3 at all.
3. Anoop - the Comeback kid. Just when you count him out, he comes back strong. Too bad he doesn't have what it takes to win.
(big space)
4. Gokey - Gokey was strong at the beginning of this competition, but plateaued and got predictable. Last week, he finally returned some of the spark. This week was a step back for him. Although, I still predict he will win. He has a strong voting base that is going to overlook better perfomers simply because they like HIM.
5. Lil - I agree with Simon. Where did the strong performer with the incredible voice go? 6 weeks ago, I predicted she would win it all. Now I'm predicting she won't make the top 5.
6. Kris - Poor song choice. Great song....but not for this competition.
7. Matt - Not much to say...except there are simply better performers in this competition. Its time for Matt to go back to doing what he does, entertaining crowds in the dueling piano bars.

America's bottom 3: I think this week America agrees with me - Lil, Kris and Matt
Who goes home: Tough one....Kris is safe, so its either Lil or Matt. I think ultimately Lil has a stronger base than Matt, so I predict Matt will leave us tomorrow.


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