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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just a quick post after reading J's thoughtful analysis of Top 5 night:
I completely agree that there is shameless pimping going on of Adam and Gokey. I wanted to take it a step further, and ask all you faithful Idol vets if you think the "bottom 2" scenario tonight was actually another case of manipulation.

I couldn't think of specific examples, but I know J has some filed in his mental Rolodex (he is a font of Idol lore, y'all):

think of other times when "shocker" bottom 3s and 2s happened, when Ryan goes into careful wording about the "results". He'll say at the top of the show "X MILLION VOTES!" and then later describe the contestants in the hot seats as "your bottom 3". There are many nights when Ryan will come out and say, "these are the two with the lowest number of votes", but some nights, he's a little cagey.
Bottom line: I think Adam wasn't actually the 2nd lowest vote getter. But I think they are pulling some shenanigans to make people THINK he was, so they will vote their asses off for him in the Gokey/Lambert finale they are salivating about. What would this mean? Maybe they want to pull some votes away from Kris; I think Allison has been in the B3 so many times she'll go out before the Top 2, surely. But it really makes me think they want to set up Adam for the win.
Anyway, I'd like to know if anybody else thought the same thing. J, I know you can remember a couple of those results nights moments I'm talking about.

PS -- I do want to say this is truly the best possible Top 4 from the group this year, in my and Dr. L's opinions, echoing J's earlier comment.

-- K


Rubbertoe said...

Yeah...I'm not buying it. Especially since I had no trouble getting through for Allison and could only get through for Adam a couple of times.
The only explanation that I have is this:

I've suspected that Danny is getting the most votes, primarily from the South which has always been an Idol hotspot, but also from the "Christian" vote which has been waging a big campaign for him.
Allison, being the only female left is getting all of those votes now that she is the only girl left.
Also, who would get the Anoop/Lil votes? Probably Danny and Allison under the scenario described above. I don't believe for a second that Kris was #3, I think if anything, Adam was #3. It will be interesting to see how Adam responds to being in the bottom. I'm afraid he might try to tone it down on a week when he shouldn't...but then again, Adam is smarter than that.
Final thought - the crowds at the tapings have been so overwhelmingly Adam that I'm a little surprised as well with him being in the bottom 3, but it occurred to me that perhaps Adam draws more fans here in Los Angeles, then he does in the more conservative core of America. The crowds at the tapings are probably close to 90% Southern California...and have been about 90% pro-Adam....hmmmmm.

Allison said...

I know Ryan can sometimes be "cagey" about the results, but I think I heard him say that Adam and Matt are the bottom 2 last night. Perhaps someone with DVR can double check that.

That being said, AI does milk fake drama for all it is worth.

Ttown idol fan!! said...

If we refer to L as Dr. L should we not refer to J as Dr. J.