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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Songs From They Year They Were Birthed: PLEASE LET "THE SEARCH BE OVER"

Hey Y'all!

I've been hesitant to post all day today because . . . well, because I still don't know what I think about last night's show. I've read the reviews . . . I've re-watched some of the clips, and I'm just kind of at a loss. I rarely agreed with the judges . . . I mostly don't agree with the other reviews . . I'm feeling very disconnected from the Idol nation :( . . . Now that my whining is completed, let's move on to the task at hand . . . The Rankings

1. Allison - I know this will be an unpopular pick, but, I really felt like she gave the most complete performance of the night. Just straight up singing. I was impressed by her voice and was not distracted by histrionics.

2. Adam - Yes, he was brillz . . . totally brillz. I thought the song choice was inspired, and his vocals were spot on. I just thought Allison's performance was a little better from a pure vocal perspective. He was wonderful.


3. The Gokey - I did not love this arrangement of Stand By Me . . . particularly the beginning . . . I'm also growing bored with the opening thirty seconds of each of his numbers being mellow followed by the minute or so of the Gokey Screech . . . that being said, he was solid. He did the Gokey thing and he did it well.

4. Anoop - Taking on a Cyndi Lauper song is a dangerous task, and save for a few wayward notes, I think he accomplished his task. Anoop was in the bottom 2 this week, so this week we'll get to see how his fan base functions. If it's strong he's safe . . . if it's not, he's in danger of the bottom 3.

5. Kris - I was soooo not thrilled when I heard he was singing this song. Vocally, I think he was the steady Kris that I absolutely adore. He and Mr. Lambert and possibly Allison are the only contestants that I always know are going to hit every note. I never worry for them. However, the arrangement of this song was awkward, and he was standing with the Idolbots . . . I didn't like the overall product . . .

6. Matt - Unlike with Kris, I always worry when Matt is singing. He has a tendency to stray a little flat and/or a little sharp from time to time. Therefore, I spend my time worrying about the tone of his voice rather than watching him perform. I was way off with the judges on this one. I thought he was way off the mark. I know they loved him and stood up and stuff, but I just thought it was loungetastic. . . .


7. Lil - Not good, not good, not good. The first half of the song was almost painful to listen to . . . The back half of the song got better because there were some soaring notes that she excels at reaching . . . but man, a lot of it was rough. Again, she did not pick the right song . . . not even close. . . but she wasn't as far off as . . .


8. Scott - For the love . . . please send this boy home and put him out of our misery. His performance last night bordered on wretched. He was off-key, standing awkwardly with his guitar. I just don't know. . . . I think he has carried himself as far as he should in this competition. I hope America does the right thing here because if they don't, someone's going home who has NO BUSINESS going home.

This Bottom 3 and elimination pick is difficult because so many factors are coming into play. I have switched these up all day long because I think there are actually 5 people who are vulnerable (Lil, Scott, Matt, Anoop, Kris) So many different things to think about . . . Ugh, I hate doing this one. . . .

My Bottom 3: Matt, Lil, & Scott
America's Bottom 3: Kris, Scott, & Matt

Eliminated: I hope I'm wrong on this one . . . Kris, in our first actual shocker

P.S. If we did a "Should Go Home" - it would be Scott!

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