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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Night Fever

We're off to a Quick Start - Lil Rounds - Once again absolutely gorgeous. I hate to say it...but I didn't love it. It seemed like she was trying way to hard. Moments were great, but a lot was too low for her range. Lil's mom was giving Simon some serious "tude".
Kris - "She works hard for the money" - Very "Jason Castro"-ish. Pretty a Kris kinda way. But the question is...does she buy women's underwear?
Danny - First Scream was awful. It got better. The first 3/4 of the song was very Kareoke, the last 1/4 was finally good.
Allison - Interesting beginning to this song...Transition was weak. Arrangement was weird...its too slow. However, last 1/4 was Hot stuff though.
Adam - Completely unexpected. I thought for sure this would be uptempo and would play right into Adam's energy. He surprised me. Incredible vocal. Full of raw emotion.
Matt - "stayin Alive" -I actually liked his take on this song. Surpisingly better than I would have expected. a little cheesy in some parts but Matt put his signature on it. I would rank Matt#2 so far tonight.
Anoop - "Dim all the lights" - I didn't like his 1/2 up tempo 1/2 slowed down version of this song. Anoop has given up. I think he knows this is his swan song.

Best of the night - No question. Adam by a landslide
Followed by Matt, Kris, Allison and Danny

Bottom 3: Danny, Anoop and Lil
Bottom 2: Anoop and Lil.


J said...

I'm with you on your bottom three . . . I just hope America will put The Gokey in the Bottom three . . . he sooooooo deserves to be there. Ugh, The Gokey Screech drives me nutso.

DrL/K said...

I just wish they would start to dress Allison better - it was almost cartoonish last night for me! Disco meets outer space?? I liked Matt's take on the 'Stayin' Alive' too - I think he did the best he could - but is probably out of his element.

Just couldn't heart Adam anymore than I already do!! Awesome : )

Can't wait to see how we all fare on the results night - it seems like we all have different ideas about the 2 who will leave us tonight...on AMERICAN IDOL!!

DrL/K said...

You called it! We were half right, and J called the other half, but you are the wizard this week :)