<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top 8 . . . The Results: America FINALLY gets it right.

THIS is American Idol . . .

Is it just me or is Kara grating on anyone else's nerves . . . really kinda gettin on my nerves. Paula, on the other hand, is surprisingly spot on. . . maybe she needs Kara around to keep her sharp . . . ish

Frankie Avalon suprises Simon and let's us know that he's (Simon) about to turn 50. I don't think that's a shocker.

The Elite 8, as Rubbertoe calls them, will be singing from the year of Idol's birth . . . a little Kylie "Can't Get You Out of My Head". This is truly one of the worst performances . . . on the up side, I think they're singing. On the down side, someone was VERY VERY flat.

I would assume that we're headed to the Ford Focus commercial . . . and, I'm right . . . as opposed to the group number, that was the best of the commercials.

Let's do a little group chat . . . Adam was honored by Simon's gesture. Matt G. is being visited by the mayor of Kalamazoo, MI. Ryan's pimpin tix for the finale. Here come the results . . . Adam, Kris, and Anoop are up together. Adam is, of course, SAFE. Anoop is in the Bottom 3, and Kris is SAFE. I'm surprised . . . very surprised. Kris wasn't in my bottom three, but I sure thought he would be in America's.

Here comes Flo Rida . . . doin a little Right Round . . . I heart this song . . . Flo got some guns, yo .

The Gokey is up next, and he is SAFE . . . duh. Matt G is up next and he is SAFE. Scott is next and is clearly in the Bottom 3. Allison and Lil are next . . . one of them is in the Bottom 3 . . . Allison is SAFE and Lil is in the Bottom Three . . .

Ttown Idol fan was the only one among us who got the Bottom 3 correct! Congrats!

Here comes La Pickler . . . I hope she does well. I've seen this video and the song is good. The song actually features Taylor Swift on guitar.

But wait, will they send someone back to safety first . . . nope, here comes La Pickler . . . Girl still has a very nasal voice, but I like the song, and she looks SO MUCH better than she has in a while. Good for her . . .

Here comes the Bottom 3 . . . who's going back to safety . . . Lil is SAFE . . . that puts Anoop in the Bottom 2 for the second week in a row. Here we go . . . out of 34 million votes only 30,000 seperated the two of them . . . lowest number of votes goes to Scott. I hate to say this, but it's time for that boy to go HOME. I'm happy with this result. He's just never lived up to the potential. He was going good until he hit that horrific high note . . . lord love him . . . but it was time for him to go. I believe the girls want him to stay and the boys want him to go. Simon's gonna send him home . . . duh . . . I just don't think they are ever going to save anyone who they don't think has a shot at winning.

Alright, another week is gone and then there were seven. Five boys and two girls . . . what will the theme be next week? Will our spoilers be better informed? Will our picks get better? THIS is A Little Taste of AMERICAN IDOL!

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