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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rubbertoe at Results

So we went to the show last night...and we DID get in, by the skin of our teeth. Its fun standing in line and talking with everyone because everyone is excited and everyone LOVES Idol. We see "crying girl" at the front of the line (her name is Ashley). If you can draw anything from the crowd that was there though, Adam is easily the favorite. Everyone in line said Adam was their favorite and inside the studio the response for Adam was double what it was for anyone else (although I said the same about Archuletta last year).
So...anyway. We get in. Pit again. YEAH!!!! (except the standing for 3 hours). This time we are placed Stage Left (over by Simon). The bottom 3 chairs are about 15 feet from where I am standing. Simon is about the same distance.
Adams family is sitting right behind me. Mother, brothers and siser (who looks just like him). We see Scott's Mother and sister come in and walk by us. Chris Richardson is in the front row too.
They bring out the Idols, who sit on the ramp behind the judges seats to watch a pre-taping. Gokey is seriously working the crowd. Very friendly. Waving, Winking...etc. Watching Scott is painful...he looks completely out of place, awkward. Kris is working the room, but much more shy than Gokey. Adam and Lil are keeping to themselves.
We are told because the show ran over last night, they are going to pre-tape Little Rida (or however you spell it). He takes the stage about 40 minutes before the live broadcast and performs his number. was really good...and I agree with J, the boy has some serious guns!!!
After the pre-tape, the cheerleader guy comes out and tells us that because they pre-taped the segment, we have to act excited and as we've never seen it everytime they announce it coming up on the show. (and some of the streamer confetti is caught in the lighting and they have trouble removing it before the show starts).
Finally, its five minutes to show time. The Judges come out. First Kara, who looks stunning. She is super friendly. She is talking to people, shaking hands. Randy comes out next, followed by Paula. Finally about 30 seconds to showtime, Simon comes out.
The show starts.
I haven't watched the tape, but judging from the comments here, the group number was much better in the studio than on tape. I thought it was pretty good (except again, whenever Scott is not the focus, he is awkwardly standing around looking like he doesn't know what to do). You can actually here the Idols telling him, "OK man, I'm grabbing your arm and we are moving left -[Anoop]).
Dim the lights - the tension is high. Anoop in the bottom 3. Anoop walks over and we go to break. Anoop looks comfortable, he's expecting to go soon. Its a little awkward, because he's sitting all alone in the break, except for the stagehand. Finally Kris, leaves the couch and walks over and talks with him for a few seconds. I get the impression that Kris is really really really a nice guy. You can just see it the way he interacts with everyone on the show. Scott and Lil join Anoop. After Pickler, during the break, Paula and Kara both come over and are talking with the young girls in the pit. Paula gives big hugs to about 8 of the girls, they are all overwhelmed at how nice she is.
Randy spends the breaks talking with Mario Lopez, who is sitting next to Adam's family behind us. Randy introduces Simon to Mario.
Simon goes and talks with Chris Richardson for about 5 minutes.
Before we go back live, Simon and the guy standing next to me talk about Bugatti's for about a minute, until Simon has to Rush to his seat.
The really strange thing though, during the break, Anoop is just standing on the stage doing nothing. Scott is doing really weird stuff in the middle of the stage. It finally occurs to me that he is practicing his song because he knows or at least strongly feels he is the bottom tonight.
We come back to the show. Anoop is safe. Scott sings. It was better than last night, except he hit one really bad note, don't know how it played on TV, but we were all....eek!
The Judges are seriously debating using the save. Maybe it was really good acting, but from where we are you can hear Kara arguing with Simon that Scott deserves another chance. Paula as well, but Kara is very vocal. Simon isn't having it though. But then Randy starts to seem like he wants to give Scott another chance. At this point, people in the audience are saying "save him". In my mind I'm saying "please don't", except I have to say, seeing Scott there and watching his painful rehersal during the break, my heart is breaking for him at this moment. Finally, Simon says no and we watch his story. Gokey starts to rush over to Scott, but the rest of the Idols until after the story. Eventually they go though and embrace Scott.
Being in the studio it is so obvious that they Idols really do like each other. From the interaction, it looks like Adam and Lil have definitely bonded, Kris and Alison as well.
Anyway...that's my Idol visit review. I definitely preferred going on the performance night than I did the results, but the results show was definitely much more intimate and you got a much more personal feel for each of the Idols.
(I have one more connection that is working on getting me in, possibly, but unlikely to the I'm keeping my fingers crossed)!!!!



J said...

I'm jealous. LOVED your in person review. Interesting take on the group number. . . on the screen, it was heinous . . . someone was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off key. I like hearing how the finalists interact with each other. I hope you get to go to a performance night. :)

DrL/K said...

What a great review of the results show Rubbertoe! We were so excited to hear the play by play - and I can only imagine how awkward it was seeing Scott. I would have felt the same way. It is interesting to hear how the Idols are getting along and interacting during the breaks. Fingers xxx'd that you will get a chance to go to another performance night - that would be fantastic!!