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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Top 7 Redux: Rankings and Predictions

Alrighty, after much lamenting here are my rankings . . .

1. Adam Lambert - Excellent, excellent job of reworking the song.
1. Kris Allen - Ditto . . . Lovely, unique take on classic Donna Summer
3. Allison - I didn't love her rendition of hot stuff, but I thought it was still inventive enough to put her at the top of the second tier.
4. Matt - despite the fact that his entire performance was mired in sweet, cheesy, karaoke fueled wonder . . . his vocals were 100 times better than they were last week.
5. The Gokey - He gets put behind Matt because he started the song with the MASSIVE GOKEY SCREECH and never found his way back . . .
6. Anoop - The Dogg would have ranked fourth and possibly third had he continued the song the way he started it . . . however, the shift in tempo to the attempt at a slow groove just did not work. . . and, his vocals suffered in the transition.
7. Lil - Despite picking a much better song, she just doesn't stack up next to the other six . . .

I'm going WAY out on a limb here. I think that Lil is a dream that once was, but I think the second elimination is tricky. From my standpoint, Anoop is the obvious choice . . . however, I think that Matt and The Gokey are also at risk. I'm just not sure . . . I think Matt is safe . . . Hmmm . . . I think if Lil goes home that Anoop will follow suit . . . however, if Lil is somehow safe, I think there could be a MASSIVE SHOCK and the Gokey could find himself fronting his youth group much sooner than he anticipated.

That being said . . . here are my shaky predictions

Bottom 3: (If there is one) The Gokey, Anoop, Lil
Eliminated Anoop . . . and The Gokey . . . Hey, occasionally you gotta go out on a limb. :)


Rubbertoe said...

Thats a BIG "out on a limb". I understand your reasoning though (in only the a true Idol junkie can)....
I suspect though that Gokey's base, much like Taylor Hick' going to carry him through to the finals and eventualy the title.
But you've been much more accurate than I this lets see. I would love to see a shocker this year, just to shake things up a little bit.

DrL/K said...

J! I KNEW as soon as I heard the opening tones of the Gokey screech you were going to be going ugh!! I mean, at least the dude could hold off on the GS till later in the song! LOL!

I would love a shocker myself, and I didn't catch till K said something about it, but The Gokey seemed a bit miffed, smug about the comments Simon made regarding his performance. He might be getting a bit of a 'tude about this fame?

DrL/K said...

Oh, and I totally forgot to say - that I thought Kris was just super last night! I would buy that version of the song :)