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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 7 - the Tarantino Extravaganza!

This will short - mainly due to time and both J and Rubbertoe gave excellent recaps earlier. K explored some of the polling stuff out there on the web. I will post our picks, which I think are in line with everyone else too - I am saying that without re-reading other posts first!

Just a quick thing on QT - doesn't it just crack you up what a big Idol fanatic he is??!! I had to laugh when J mentioned the love that the show gives to him, it is SO true - what an intro! He does have great music in his movies - and I wish he could have had some influence on the Idols song choices last night. It was little too 80's for me.

Oh well! After much discussion, we thought that America's bottom three will be: Matt, Kris and Lil - and Matt will go home. Matt tries, but I think this is the end of the road for him.

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