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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ott Ott Ott -- Uffff! (As sung by a 16-year-old chainsmoker)

Hey gang,
once again, I thought I'd show the DialIdol "prediction" results for last night's show. I think what this says more than anything is that DialIdol is completely worthless now, because this result doesn't seem to exist on the same planet as most of the reviews I have read, or the show I watched.
I have to agree with J that it is easier to pick the top performers last night, but for us it was just as easy to pick the bottom -- it was the group in the middle that was kind of up for grabs. It was a disco night that kind of left me wanting to hear some ... disco.

Our picks:

Anoop (forgiving the last bum note)
Allison (getting on my nerves with her growly "Ot Ufff" pronunciation where she leaves off the beginnings & ends of words)
Gokey (did you see his barely contained sneer after Simon DARED to say it wasn't a killer performance?)
Matt (I actually thought he brought it a little -- but not enough. Realistically, he'd be above Gokey in my book, but America has been programmed to think it will be an Adam/ Gokey finale, so I've given up hope LensCrafter Boy will get booted.)
Lil (I've been saying it for weeks now: Lil looks better every time, and sounds worse. Her biggest problem is, however, that TPTB have made up their minds that she goes under the bus, so Allison can go forward.)

Dr. L and I think Lil and Matt are going home.

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J said...

Dr. L/K . . . I'm with you about Adam and Kris . . . to me, they were far and away better than everyone else. Dial idol is useless this week with no one being safe. . . I think it will be interesting to see how they do it tonight. I remember from two years ago when they didn't eliminate anyone on "Idol Gives Back" night, and they had to eliminate two. They told who was safe and then brought two people down twice and eliminated one each time. We never really knew if the "safe" person was in the Bottom four. Should be interesting.