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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Season Finale

K says when he found out that Crystal won the coin toss - that put her in the best possible position - and probably makes it tough for Lee to come out first.

Contestant Favorite Song of the Season:

Lee: The Boxer - pretty standard performance on this song. Disagree with Ellen that it was better this time - seems like his nerves are getting to him (as you would think they might be!) K thought it was weak.

Crystal - Me and Bobbie McGee: Overall much better command of the song and the stage for her first performance. Probably helps that this song is more upbeat and a crowd sing-along type. K says - stumbled a bit at first - but then got control of it and was totally in her element. Chicken Little sighting!!!

First Round goes to: Crystal - no question!

Executive Producer's Choice:

Lee: Everybody Hurts - on the fence about this one. I don't know if that was the right arrangement of this song - it sort of minimized the tone and spirit of the song. Didn't care for the choir addition to this. A bit off key here and there - and I don't agree AT ALL with Kara's assessment.

Crystal: Black Velvet - GREAT! Loved that interpretation - Crystal wants this!! Go girl! I wasn't sure about the song, but it was a fresh approach. Loved it, Loved it!

Second Round goes to: Crystal - Lee who????

Winner's Song:

Lee: Beautiful Day - so it's not an original song this year?! I love the U2 song, but I don't love this version here. I am not sure that while he has a commercial sound, I don't know that he gets the interpretation of these songs. I guess this is a smart choice on Idol's part to have the winner record a 'proven hit' - but that sort of cheats it to me.

Crystal: Up to the Mountain - That was just lovely,lovely, OMG - what an outstanding performance for her - so moving! I didn't know this song, and I would listen to it over again right now. She is just so ready for this....

Final Round: MamaSox - L&K thought she stole the show!!

I know we have had fun with the goofy pimpage of Lee - BUT Crystal commanded the stage tonight ! K says - Lee - seemed like paint by numbers performances, and Crystal overall - truly invested performances.

L&K - Crystal will be our new American Idol - and ANYONE with ears should think the same thing....however...
America's choice - Lee - but America is EFFING wrong here - Mamasox is our girl!

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