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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nobody did it my way...

Can I say I just LOVED Harry Connick, Jr. as a mentor! I was really impressed that he wanted to be on stage with them, and wrote the arrangements of the songs. Excellent way to mentor! Agreed with Rubbertoe that he has not aged a bit! LOL that he wanted to be at the pool... :)

K- says it was interesting that Simon held on to Frank's monogrammed handkerchief all night - on a show where it is decidedly unsentimental - this gesture by Sinatra's daughters seemed to mean a lot to him.

Faves of the night:
Crystal - loved her interpretation of the song!

Aaron - even though I ranked Lee higher than Aaron, I was really impressed with him on Fly Me to the Moon. I thought he was harshly criticized by the judges this week - and it seems obvious they want him to go. But, the song and the arrangement were perfect for him.

Uh-oh: Poor Casey, I didn't think it was as awful as the judges did, and I feel bad that folks on the web are making fun of his 'goat-vibrato' - but I think this performance cemented him in the bottom two - and will send him home this week.

Our rankings:

big mike

our bottom two:

Aaron, Casey
Casey goes home

America's bottom two:
Aaron, Casey
Casey goes home

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