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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Top 3: Beware, a bit of a venting session follows

Let me start this post by saying that I LOVE our Top 3 . . . LOVE THEM! They were my picks for the Top 3 for the start. Crystal, Casey, and Lee, I think, are far and away the most talented musicians on the this season of Idol. That being said, what I witnessed last night was disappointing on many levels. Not to say that there weren't some moments. . .

I thought Crystal's "Maybe I'm Amazed" was a bit of an Idol moment. I thought she took a hold of that song and tore it up . . . in a good way.

Lee's "Hallelujah" was very good. . . I did not get the woodie for it that the judges did, but I'll get to that in a minute

Casey's version of "Daughters" was excellent. He did the song justice and played the hell out of that guitar.

The first round of songs . . . Casey was Casey . . . Crystal sang a strange arrangement of "Come to My Window" when she should have been singing "Bring Me Some Water" . . . and Lee got pimped out for being Lee . . .

To be honest, I would probably rank Crystal at the top followed closely by a tied Lee and Casey . . .

That being said, let me get to the bigger disappointment . . . the judges. Each year, we have one contestant that they pimp out and this year they have decided to bestow that honor upon Lee DeWyze. I LOVE Lee, don't get me wrong, but has anyone else noticed that he has gone last like three times more than either Crystal or Casey. In addition, though I really like his version of Hallelujah, I thought the fact that he got a choir was a bit unfair, and that it kind of did something to the song that took it out of its purely beautiful state (see Jason Castro and even Tim Urban). I was so annoyed by the judges last night that I've just now been able to muster up the energy to post.

In my humble opinion, Crystal and Casey are the better vocalists in this competition. As much as I love Lee and think he is adorable, he has never been able to shake the pitchy vocals . . . on every single song. He's kind of David Cook light. In addition, I don't understand why Ellen got to pick by herself for Crystal and Randy/Kara "collaborated" on Casey.

I agree with K's picture today . . . they threw Casey under the bus . . . and I'm not sure why . . . from an Idol standpoint, he's cute, he's got good vocals, and he is far and away the best musician, not vocalist, but musician that Idol has seen. I don't understand.

That being said, I think that Crystal and Lee will make for a great finale. I fear, however, that the most talented of the two, Crystal, will be tossed aside for the growing popularity of Lee. I feel so weird even writing this because I have much love for Mr. DeWyze.

I just had to vent . . .

It is with sadness that I say

Eliminated: Casey

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