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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A quick guess

I missed the show last night, haven't seen it other than a few clips on the morning news. I'm going to watch it before the show tonight but may not get a chance to reply before the show goes on (EDT).

From what I saw, I would say Casey and Michael in the bottom two. However, many people at my work said that Lee's solo was weak.

On my original, I have Lee going home. My instinct tells me that Casey is going home.

But I am going to go with my heart and say that Big Mike finally gets the overdue boot. I really can't stand the idea of watching him or his super obnoxious wife in a hometown parade next week. UGH!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

DrL/K said...

Oh - you totally nailed it Rubbertoe! We are forgetting about the hometown parades and the joy they bring! Yes, in that case - let Big Mike get the Big Boot tonight.