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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rubbertoes final pic

OK....Idol starts in 30 I best put up my final review/pic

Last night, it was Crystal by a landslide.

Didn't love either of the final songs, although I thought that Crystal performed her's really well.....I just don't see either song being a hit single.

I'm in the minority on Lee's REM song....I thought it was his best song and I thought it was pretty good....everyone at my work thought it was horrible.

So the talk around the water cooler today was that everyone thought Crystal was the best last night by far, but that Lee is going to win.

I'm going to give America enough credit to finally get one right.

I think that it was too much of a difference last night for America to get this one wrong.

Crystal is going to be this years American Idol.

We'll be back tommorrow with our final reviews of the season!!!!!

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