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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Top 3: The Judges' Song Choices has posted the "Judges Choice" songs for our Top Three. Interesting choices . . .

MamaSox - Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney - chosen by Ellen D.
Casey - Daughters by John Mayer - chosen by Kara/Randy
Lee - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen - chosen by Simon

A couple of points of interest here.

I find it interesting that Ellen got her own song choice, but Kara and Randy had to collaborate. I also find it interesting that Simon chose Hallelujah for Lee. I think it is a great song choice, but it was already performed this year . . . quite well . . . by Hottie Tim. I think that "Daughters" is a perfect song choice for Casey . . . particularly because everyone thinks it's a sweet song when it's really a song asking parent not to fuck up there daughters because it makes them undateable. . . kind of makes me giggle.

Should be interesting . . .

What does everyone think?

1 comment:

DrL/K said...

It is very interesting...

like you said, why double-team one song, and of the three, isn't the Mayer song really (though fun) kind of the 'weakest' of them? As far as 'moments' go in the Idol-verse, you can easily see Crystal having one, and maybe Lee, but "Daughters"? Honestly? And isn't Hallelujah kind of stale now: like you mentioned, Timmeh did a good job with it, and it was kind of cemented in Idol Lore by Castro back in the day. My theory is Hallelujah fatigue might be TPTB's plan to damper voter response to Lee so Crystal can edge him for the win.

It makes me think about what TPTB are trying to rig here: It seems pretty clear they would like a girl to win, but that if it has to be another guy, they're definitely throwing Casey under the bus in favor of Lee. Not that Lee hasn't been a little more consistent than Casey, but I have not been getting the OMG LEE factor at all, much as Idol has pimped that opinion.