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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Top 5

Doing the songs of Frank Sinatra.

Harry Connick Jr. looks as hot as ever....doen't look like he's aged a bit.

First up Aaron - Wow...they've made him look like a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that...)...but wow...I'm not loving the look they gave him.
He sang well though.

Next - Casey. again WOW. That was absolutely horrible and I really hate to say that. Casey is in serious trouble unless he has a fanbase that comes through for him.

Crystal - I thought she was awesome and she looked beautiful. Don't know what the judges were listening to. She was the best of the night so far.

Big Mike - Complete cheeseball with cornball thrown in with it. Vocals were ok in part, but weak in others.
Wow....double wow...the judges loved it. Were they watching and listening to what I was istening to?

Lee- Seems a natural for this type of music. He looks more comfortable on stage tonight more than ever. Finally a performance worthy of a wow. Finally an Idol moment which we haven't had this year.

So here are my rankings tonight:

1. Lee by a mile

2. Crystal


3. Aaron

Another Big BIG Space

4. Mike

5. Casey

Aaron's bottom 3 will be same as Rubbertoe's - Aaron, Mike and Casey

Picking who goes home tonight is difficult because is it going to based more on who has the strongest voting base more tha performance.

My guess is Big Mike's time has finally come. But it could be Casey.

(By the way....that Harry/Ellen drama was very uncomfortable. I'm still feeling a little bit of anxiety over it. He was REALLY REALLY pissed off)....that was really awkward.


J said...

Now you have me wondering if I'm attracted to lesbians . . . :)

Rubbertoe said...

It was just the Rachel Maddow look that they gave him.